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  • Results 4Q 2020

    Bankia records a profit of 230 million euros in 2020, after recognising an extraordinary provision of 505 million euros for Covid-19.

  • Results 3Q 2020

    Bankia earns 180 million euros through September and brings capital buffer generated over last three years to over 2,500 million.

  • Results 2Q 2020

    Bankia earns 142 million euros in the first half, after setting aside 310 million euros of extraordinary provisions for Covid-19.

  • Results 1Q 2020

    Bankia posts attributable profit of 94 million euros through March, after provisioning for COVID-19.

  • Results 4Q 2019

    Bankia posts attributable profit of 541 million euros in 2019 following its best commercial year in its history.

  • Results 3Q 2019

    Bankia increases net interest income over the quarter and posts attributable profit of 575 million euros to September

  • Results 2Q 2019

    Bankia continues improving the quality of its balance sheet and achieves a net profit of €400 million to June, 22.3% less

  • Results 1Q 2019

    Bankia stabilises its margins and posts net profit of 205 million in the first quarter, a decrease of 10.8%

  • Results 4Q 2018

    Bankia posts attributable profit of 703 million euros in 2018, up 39.2% year-on-year.

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