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Strategic Plan 2012-2015

Strategic Plan

01 February 2016

The Restructuring Plan defines a framework that will allow the BFA-Bankia Group to implement a Strategic Plan over a three-year horizon: 2012-2015.

On 28 November 2012, in a complex macroeconomic context, the BFA-Bankia Group announced its Strategic Plan 2012-2015, which was influenced by the limitations imposed by the authorities as a result of the state aid received. The targets of the Strategic Plan were focused on improving the Bank’s solvency, profitability and efficiency.

On 1 February 2016 the BFA-Bankia Group announced the completion of its Strategic Plan 2012-2015, as the targets have been met:

  • ROE is above 10%, with accumulated profit of EUR 4,081 million at BFA Group level, well above the targeted EUR 3,100 million
  • Efficiency has improved to 43.6%, the cost of risk has fallen below 50 basis points and disposals of non-strategic assets have reached EUR 61,400 million
  • Capital and liquidity generation have amply exceeded forecasts and BFA’s fully loaded Basel III CET1 ratio is double what it was immediately after the injection of state aid.
  • Lastly, Bankia has improved its positioning, with growth in key segments, including off-balance-sheet funds, credit cards, consumer finance, business lending and trade finance.

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Strategic Plan 2012-2015 key figures

  • Disposals
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  • Capital
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  • Liquidity
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  • ROE
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  • Benefit
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  • Efficiency
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