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Bankia Online Self-employed

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Bankia provides Bankia Online Self-employed service to its self-employed customers.

1. What can you do with it?

With this service, self-employed customers can operate with all their positions in the bank, either linked to their professional activity or their personal affairs.

With Bankia Online Self-employed, self-employed workers can view and manage their positions, as well as contract both personal and business products. All this from one site, without the need to enter the digital channel for businesses or individuals according to the nature of the operation.

2. Global position screen

Thus, from the 'Global Position' screen users can see all their positions with the bank, distinguishing between the products contracted as an individual or as a business.

3. Product contracting tab

Moreover, from the 'Product Contracting' tab customers can contract any products from the individual customers range and the self-employed range: accounts and professional cards, pre-approved loans, credit accounts, TPV and CrediTPV.

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