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Bankia Online SMEs Companies

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Bankia has digital channels specially designed for SMEs and companies to carry out their banking operations without having to physically travel to an office.

At Bankia.es, the bank provides information so that SMEs and companies can carry out operations online and easily from their computer, mobile phone or tablet.

Here you have all the features of BOLE (Bankia Online Companies) and services that the entity has available to customers.

Bankia Online Empresas

1. Chat with your manager

In the business platform business owners can communicate instantly with their manager via chat. Through this text chat, included in the new communications timeline of the internet office for companies, the administrative staff or managers of the companies can communicate with their contact person in the bank, which will always be the same, to make inquiries or ask questions.

More benefits of the manager chat service
  • In addition, the feature can be used to attach files of any type, up to 50 MB, and to see the history of conversations and shared documents.
  • From the home page of this channel you can see the most relevant information.
  • Transfer operations have also been simplified, providing all the information needed to perform the operation on a single screen.
  • In this regard, Bankia allows companies to issue their immediate transfers on file, which can be paid instantly any day of the year.


2. Mass Transfer Service

This digital channel also offers the Mass Transfer Service, with which the managers and administrative staff of the companies can process the transfers that they wish to make to both Bankia and other national financial institutions in a simple, agile and convenient way.

Another benefit of the service

  • All payments can be made in a single file, without having to make them individually, thereby reducing administrative procedures.


3. Supplier Confirming

With the Supplier Confirming Service, companies can obtain immediate liquidity by anticipating the invoices communicated by their customers.

More benefits of the service

  • Through Bankia Online Companies you can see payment notifications and financing offers that have been issued in your favour, requesting the advance of the invoices on a timely basis individually or globally, automatically.

Existing confirming types:


4. Global Multiproduct Line

Through the Global Multiproduct Line, business owners can unify the financing of the company's working capital under a single contract, which reduces paperwork and costs.


5. Other benefits of Bankia Online Companies

One of the benefits of Bankia Online Companies is the possibility of signing pending transactions in groups, providing greater agility and reducing management time.

These are some of the possibilities that Bankia’s specialised digital channel offers administrative staff and business managers. Many options (PDF) to manage all your financial needs remotely, from the device you prefer (mobile, tablets or PC).

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