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Bizum is the easiest way to make payments between friends and acquaintances by simply using your mobile phone.

1. Amount

You can send between 50 cents to a maximum amount of 1,000 euros.

2. Use

To use Bizum, you do not need to know the account number of the person who will receive the money, you just have to have their phone number or email address and the payment will be made from mobile to mobile.

3. Benefits

One of the main benefits of this service is that money is received instantly (see the following video to learn more about it), which saves you waiting time. It’s also free and totally safe.

4. Requirements

To make a Bizum transaction you must have a mobile phone with Android or iOS operating system, have your phone number updated at Bankia and download our app. Once you activate the service, you can make transactions. The following video shows how to download the Bankia App.

Paying for a shared expense, sending money to buy a gift or paying off a small debt with your best friend is as simple as checking your agenda and clicking send money.

5. How to activate Bizum

  • Go to the side menu and choose Transfers and Services
  • Select Payment among Bizum friends and press Sign Up
  • Signature Terms and Conditions

6. How to make a Bizum transaction through the Bankia App

The procedure is simple:

  • Just download the Bankia App on your mobile phone and open it. Enter your username and password and press 'Transfers and Services' in the three horizontal bars of the menu.

  • Under ‘Transfers and Services', press 'Bizum'.
  • Choose whether to 'Send' or 'Request' money. In addition, you can see your last Bizum transaction, both received and sent.

  • When you hit 'Send', your latest Bizum contacts will be displayed and you can either search your contact list for the person's mobile phone number or enter their number or email address manually.
  • Then, you only have to enter the amount and details along with your digital signature online.

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