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Digital procedures from home

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Cajeros oficinas Bankia

How to easily locate your nearest Bankia branch and ATM?

ankia is close to you and has more than 2,000 offices and 5,300 ATMs throughout Spain that you can find easily and quickly.

Conecta con tu Experto

'Connect with your Expert' is a free service specialised in providing personalised advice to digital customers online

Through this service, Bankia assigns each digital client a personal manager they can contact during extended hours through the method of their preference: telephone, e-mail, virtual chat, etc. And on any device: computer, tablet or phone.

How to use Bizum?

Bizum is the easiest way to make payments between friends and acquaintances by simply using your mobile phone.

Bankia Online Self-employed service

With this service, self-employed customers can operate with all their positions in the bank, either linked to their professional activity or their personal affairs.

Bankia Online SMEs Companies service

Bankia has digital channels specially designed for SMEs and companies to carry out their banking operations without having to physically travel to an office.

Transferencias inmediatas
Transferencias inmediatas

How to make instant transfers?

Its main feature is that funds are sent instantly, whether from an office or from remote channels such as Bankia Online or the Bankia App.

Cajero oficina Bankia
Cajero oficina Bankia

How to withdraw money from a ATM without a card?

At Bankia you can withdraw money from the ATM without the need to carry your credit or debit card with you. In addition, you can send money to whoever you want so they can withdraw it instantly at Bankia ATMs.


How to safely operate online?

We advise you not to give your data to anyone else, either by phone or by e-mail. At Bankia we will never ask for your passwords by e-mail, SMS or social media.

Contratar gestionar seguro
Contratar gestionar seguro

How to manage and take out insurance through digital channels

Bankia offers a wide range of health, life and car insurance through their online channels, whether you are a customer or not.


Learn to detect phishing with these examples

Have you received an e-mail or SMS message that appears to be from Bankia and asks you to access a link or request you provide your data?

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