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Learn to detect phishing with these examples

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Have you received an e-mail or SMS message that appears to be from Bankia and asks you to access a link or request you provide your data?

If so, it is a scam to obtain information regarding your bank accounts. To help you identify them, we have prepared a compilation of the most common messages you might be receiving on behalf of Bankia:


There are many models of fraudulent emails that you can receive in your email inbox. How to know they are a scam?

Ejemplos phishing correo electrónico

Cyber criminals use texts in English and a common theme: alarming you by indicating that your account or card is blocked or that some banking service has been disabled (for example, Bankia Wallet) and you must activate it immediately. They also tend to use hidden emails, forwards in the subject of the message; or replace the Bankia’s identity in the email (example: info@bankia.es). In some cases, they even insert the corporate logo.

When in doubt, the best advice is that: Bankia will never send you an e-mail requesting your password or notifying you of any incident relating to your account or bank card.


These messages are characterised by being sent from an unknown number. Bear in mind that Bankia always identifies itself when contacting you. And as occurs with e-mails, they will alert you of some kind of block in your account or bank card, with the aim of prompting you to click on the link and thus obtain your passwords fraudulently.

Remember that most of these links that appear in e-mails and SMS lead to fraudulent sites where they will ask you for information such as passwords, card number, CVV or your card PIN number.

Ejemplos phishing SMS

You can access more examples and advice on how to avoid falling for phishing on our Twitter @HolaBankia.

If you think you may have suffered a possible fraud, please contact us: phishing@bankia.com

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