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Steps to follow if you have been a victim of phishing

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Phishing is a technique used by cyber criminals in an attempt to obtain our information by impersonating other people.

An email, an SMS or a simple phone call are often the lures most widely used by cyber criminals. In order not to fall into their nets, we must take special care with every click and if you have been the victim of phishing, we will advise you on the security measures you must follow:

1. Change your password

  • If you have clicked on malicious links and have entered your data, we recommend that you quickly change your Bankia account access credentials.

2. Inform your contacts

  • To prevent your contacts from accessing the links on any fraudulent page, inform them of the message you have received and thus prevent your contacts from suffering the same phishing attack.

3. Contact Bankia

  • Send information about the email or SMS in which Bankia has been impersonated to phishing@bankia.com so that our specialists can analyse it.

4. Report the scam

  • Gather and document all possible information related to the scam and report it to the law enforcement agencies. This will help in identifying cyber criminals.
  • You can contact the National Police Corps: Technological Intervention Brigade (BIT) through this websiteor by calling the following telephone number: 902 102 112.
  • Or you can contact the Civil Guard: The Computer Crime Group of the Central Operative Unit (UCO) through this link.

5. Collaborate with the Internet User Security Office (OSI)

  • Help prevent other users from being victims of the same phishing attack by informing the Internet User Security Office through this email: incidencias@certsi.es or by filling out the following fraud form, which you can access through this link.

If you think you may have been the victim of fraud, please contact us at phishing@bankia.com

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