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Tips to prevent the increase of fraud attempts and electronic scams during the state of alarm

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During these days, we spend more time on the internet and this is being used by cyber criminals to conduct electronic scams and obtain private information from users. Here is a series of recommendations and suggestions to avoid these frauds.

As we always tell you, do not share your information with anyone else either by phone or by email if it is not through the bank's official digital channels. At Bankia we will never ask you for your passwords, card number, CVV or pin number by telephone, mail, SMS or social media.

How to avoid scams?

We offer you a series of recommendations according based on the communication channel:

1. E-mail

  • Do not open attachments or click on web links in suspicious emails about Coronavirus
  • Browse only web pages that have https:// and not http:// in their URL The Bankia website is https://www.bankia.es
  • This content usually contains spelling errors or strange wording more typical of a machine
  • Appearances are deceiving, attackers often create emails and pages that look very similar to the official ones. Remember that Bankia sends emails from @bankia.com

2. SMS

  • Do not click on the link or telephone number of a message you don’t fully trust
  • Do not reply to the message

3. Telephone call

  • Be wary if they do not speak fluent Spanish and do not provide data
  • Be aware of unusual requests and try to verify them by alternative means, e-mail, phone call, and so on.

Other basic advice

And, as always, don't forget other important suggestions:

  • Provide data ONLY through the official channels of both Bankia and official agencies
  • Do not download information about Covid-19 from unknown websites that you receive by email or WhatsApp. It could infect your computer or mobile phone with malware
  • Do not share unverified information with official sources, thus contributing to the dissemination of hoaxes
  • Do not install unofficial apps to find out the international reach of Covid-19. They could steal information from your mobile phone

If you think you may have been the victim of fraud, please contact us at phishing@bankia.com

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