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How we are

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Bankia has a vision and a mission in keeping with its guiding values

All this makes the bank recognisable and allows us to generate stable and solid relationships of trust that are indispensable for our business and for our stakeholders. Professionalism, integrity, commitment, closeness and focus on achievement are core values known to all Bankia professionals and with which they feel closely identified, as borne out by the results of the first Study of Professional Climate in Bankia.

According to that study, in which 7,850 employees participated, Bankia's professionals say they are closely acquainted with the bank's values, with an average score of 8.17 out of 10. As for the degree of identification by Bankia employees with the bank's values, the average score was 8.08 out of 10.

in familiarity, with Bankia values

8.17 (over 10)

in identification with Bankia values

8.08 (over 10)


Its core asset

Bankia's human capital is the foundation of the bank and its core asset. Having people who are motivated, prepared and committed is key for being able to offer customers excellent service, achieve success in the business strategy and contribute to the repayment of government aid.

The Bankia people strategy is aligned with the business goals, with the customer focus and with the three key positioning vectors: closeness, simplicity and transparency.

Detecting talent and professional development are fundamental for Bankia to continue advancing toward excellence and for our professionals to satisfy their legitimate career aspirations.

Also, continued in-service training programmes ensure that employees maintain the knowhow and capacities/skills that allow them to deal competently with the challenges of a constantly changing market and sector.


excellent service


successful business strategy


repayment of aid


In its corporate responsibility strategy, Bankia has always shown a wholehearted commitment to social issues.

Getting its professionals involved is a vital part of Bankia’s social action, which is why employees have a say in choosing the recipients of the bank’s social investment.

La edición de 2017 destinó 1,4 millones de euros al apoyo de 252 fundaciones y asociaciones. Through programmes such as “Red Solidaria”, the employees themselves propose, vote for and financially support a project that is close to them. The 2017 edition of Red Solidaria allocated 1.4 million euros to support 252 foundations and associations.

In 2017 Bankia organised 108 volunteering days, involving employees of the bank and members of their families, and gave support to nine social welfare initiatives within the framework of the “Planta tu Proyecto” programme. "Planta tu Proyecto" is a call for proposals directed at Bankia professionals who work as volunteers for an NGO: they are invited to present their solidarity initiatives and, depending on the votes awarded by the rest of the employees, receive funding to support the project carried out by their NGO. Last year more than 80,000 euros of aid was awarded.


in donations in the popular 'Operación Kilo' campaing, through the 'Contigo Dos Puede ser Cuatro' programme.


in 75 one-day financial education seminars, led by 72 volunteers, with a total of 342 beneficiaries.


charity runners
who donate their kilometres to the 'Correr con Doble Meta' programme, converting them into euros..


taking part in 33 one-day events (132 hours) of solidarity and awareness building activities.


Bankia professionals actively participate in different solidarity campaigns
that help the most disadvantaged people in society.

Bankia also took part in the “Contigo dos pueden ser cuatro” campaign of donations to the Spanish food banks federation FESBAL. As in previous years, the bank doubled the amount donated by the bank’s employees to food banks throughout Spain. In 2017 the donations reached a total of 74,844 euros, which were used to buy baby food and improve the facilities of 15 food banks – in Alicante, Ávila, Bilbao, Cáceres, Cádiz, Castellón, Ciudad Real, Guadalajara, A Coruña, La Rioja, Las Palmas, Madrid, Segovia, Toledo and Valencia.

Lastly, the “Correr con doble meta” programme one again encouraged sport for charity, with the bank turning the kilometres run by its employees in races throughout Spain into euros.


euros donated to food banks

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