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Bankia has an internal and external communication strategy based on actively listening to its professionals and consolidating the bank's culture.

For the bank, the management of diversity is fundamental and, for this reason, at the end of 2018 the Management Committee approved the Diversity Plan, which sets out the guidelines for action until 2020.

The group considers gender diversity a fundamental factor for change and, therefore, the Plan places special emphasis on the development of inclusive leadership and the advancement of women to positions of greater responsibility.

The lines of action are:

  • Commitment of the company: managing and developing gender diversity as a strategic factor, with follow-up by the Steering Committee.
  • Training and awareness-raising: approaching gender diversity from a broad and inclusive perspective, raising awareness among managers and technicians about the importance of managing diversity and seeking to eliminate prejudice and unconscious biases.
  • Development of talent: develop detailed plans by groupings with specific actions for talented women.
  • Indicators and monitoring: setting objectives, measuring progress and degree of compliance and establish additional measures when necessary.

The objectives and actions proposed in the Diversity Plan are based on best practices and recommendations for development of gender diversity and taking into account the main barriers that exist for the professional development of women.

Likewise, Bankia has adhered to the Diversity Charter, promoted by the Diversidad Foundation (Alares), which sets out a series of fundamental principles on equal opportunity and anti-discrimination.

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