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Health and safety

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Bankia promotes a work environment that ensures the safety and health of its employees by applying a consistent and coordinated policy for the prevention of occupational risks.

The efforts made in recent years to execute the plan to update the Occupational Risk Assessment of all the work centres in the branch network and integrate it into the computerised occupational risk prevention management tool were completed in 2017.

Notable projects and activities carried out to improve occupational health communication have included: the Empresa Saludable section of the Somos Bankia in-house magazine; the updating of the website in the corporate intranet and the AHA! programme, which provides information on healthy eating, lifestyle and exercise.

During the year, Bankia also took part in various healthy company conferences, furthering its goal of integrating psychosocial improvement actions into its People strategy.


Rate of absenteeism 3.24%
Rate of occupational accidents 0.17%
Ordinary sick leaves* 4,852

*This is the number of sick leaves, not the number of people who took sick leave. The same person may take various sick leaves in any one year.

Institutional Commitments

Bankia is a signatory to the Luxembourg Declaration, which has four basic pillars: a healthy work environment, emotional well-being, promotion of healthy habits, and risk prevention and safety services and activities.

It is also a member of Aespla, a not-for-profit association that helps companies improve the management of occupational risk prevention services.

The bank also collaborates with the Asociación Española contra el Cáncer (AECC) and the Spanish Red Cross.

Bankia - AESPLA

Asociación Española de Servicios de Prevención Laboral.

Bankia - ENWHP

The European Network for Workplace Health Promotion.

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