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Management style

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Bankia's management style is based on its 'Somos Bankia' (We Are Bankia) values (integrity, professionalism, passion, courage and 'can do' attitude).

With this approach, Bankia professionals are involved in the success of the project and therefore the management and development of people become a cornerstone of managerial duties.

Bankia estilo directivo personas

Bankia has a communication strategy based on actively listening to its professionals and consolidating the bank's culture

As a continuation of the actions taken in 2017 to consolidate the Bankia Management Style, in 2018 other initiatives were carried out that delve into critical aspects of Bankia's leadership model:

  • Managerial Communication in Central Services System: its purpose is to guarantee the flow of information and communication necessary for the optimal development of the activity and to strengthen the commitment of the teams, thereby providing greater context and meaning to their work.
  • Recognition Program: its purpose is to acknowledge the day-to-day work of the entity and has had two key milestones throughout 2018: the awards ceremony on the Management Committee tour and the launch of the Recognition Guide.
  • Conversations for Leadership: self-assessment exercise as the basis for new conversations between Top 300 executives and their managers. This time, the aspects to be assessed are closely related to the promotion of key conducts to drive the bank's digital culture: adapting and promoting change, managing commitment and individual responsibility, and providing a global vision.

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