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Offering high quality training to staff is essential both for their personal growth and to make Bankia a better bank.

Last year more than 900,000 hours of training were given, 40% of them in the classroom, and 13,054 employees received individualised training plans.

The bank has opted to associate the different programmes with a qualification process, working towards university degrees or top-level professional qualifications. There was also a change of training platform, which resulted in a marked improvement in access to the programmes, allowing staff to improve their learning in a flexible environment with the latest functionalities.

Training plans

During 2017, 13,054 Bankia's employees had individualized training plans

Investment in training (in millons of euros) 6.9
Professionals who received training 12,336
Training iniciatives carried out 916
Hours of training per employee 74.42
Percent of training carried out online 59.07%


Of the 900,000 hours of CPD, women received 477,926 and men, 439,509.


Of the total of 900,000 hours of CPD, senior managers received 9,129; middle managers, 340,221; and the rest of the bank's employees, 568,086.

Training initiatives in 2017

In 2017 the training plan targeted the whole commercial network in order to accelerate knowledge and use of the new processes included in the operating systems. More than 150 specialised courses were run for people assigned to central services.

More strategic programmes were also given such as: the Management Style programme, whose content included responsible management of Bankia and the strengthening of the bank's values, especially in relation with teams; the Risks School, aimed at strengthening technical competence in this area, and the Digital Talent School, focused on new technologies.

Finally, in 2017 the first Scholarships for Excellence programme was rolled out to support high-level specialist training.

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