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2019-2020 Responsible Management Plan

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Plan Gestión Responsable 2018-2020

Bankia has a new 2019-2020 Responsible Management Plan in line with its Strategic Plan and the Sustainable Development Goals

Over the next two years, this Plan will promote the main lines of action that are aimed at anticipating and taking on the main social and environmental challenges that the bank needs to continue to move forward on the path of continuous improvement.

Under these areas, 15 strategic lines are developed and structured, with indicators and specific objectives to be developed over the next two years.

These initiatives seek to respond to three fundamental challenges: preventing possible risks of Bankia’s activity in the social, environmental and good governance areas. Supporting management with greater control over processes and fostering continuous improvement within the institution, responding to the expectations of all stakeholders and fostering sustainable products and services.

Achieving this will allow Bankia to anticipate itself in order to respond to the challenges of the financial sector in the coming years and to make a major contribution to the SDGs. 


Bankia undertakes to maintain relationships based on integrity and tailored to the customer's needs, while ensuring their privacy

Areas of action:

  • Through listening to and adapting to the customer the bank offers advice tailored to any channel, which makes it possible to have a personal advisor who provides the customer with great value and with whom the customer can contract all the bank's products, either remotely or in person.
  • Promoting responsible marketing, taking into account the experience and input of customers in the marketing processes and generating a differential experience in the customer that allows to build long-lasting and quality relationships.
  • Guaranteeing the security of information and privacy, fostering digitisation and a culture of safe habits in the use of information technologies. 


The bank is committed to talent, under a management style model that consolidates a team committed to and prepared for the challenges the future will bring

Areas of action:

  • Committed team: promoting a spirit of leadership based on the listening and participation of professionals, which favours well-being at work.
  • Diversity and equality: promoting gender equality in positions of responsibility through training and development actions, as well as promoting female talent in the field of cybersecurity.
  • Performance and compensation: supporting professionals in their career development and driving their adaptation towards change through training and awareness programmes. 


The bank will continue to move forward in terms of a good corporate governance that strives to ensure values and responsible culture, risk management and relations with third parties

Areas of action:

  • Risk management: having an adequate management model for facing environmental changes and uncertainties that take into account of environmental, social and good governance risks.
  • Values and responsible culture: promoting a culture of responsible management through awareness and training which contributes to adapting to change.
  • Relationships with third parties: being proactive in the relationship with third parties, promoting open, continuous and transparent communication with shareholders, the investment community, suppliers and all other bodies with which Bankia is associated. 


Contributing to achieving a low-carbon economy by managing the direct and indirect impacts generated by Bankia

Areas of action:

  • Sustainable financing: promoting the mobilisation of capital under a framework of action aimed at environmental and social development.
  • Sustainable offer: developing products and services that generate a positive environmental or social impact.
  • Direct environmental management: promoting a road map towards a low-carbon economy and continuing to support energy efficiency projects and initiatives. 


Contributing to building a better society, supporting real needs and using technology as a driving force

Areas of action:

  • Education and digitisation: bringing financial concepts and realities closer to society and accompanying customers and companies in their adaptation and digital transformation.
  • Employment: encouraging and fostering employment among vulnerable groups and supporting self-employment through micro-credits.
  • Social contribution: responding to the social needs of the Bankia environment through social contribution and collaboration with civil society organisations.

2016-2018 Responsible Management Plan

Bankia successfully completed the 2016-2018 Responsible Management Plan approved by the Board of Directors and which concretely develops the pillars of the entity's responsible policy.

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