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Active Listening

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Bankia's identity includes active and constant listening to society and, therefore, since 2017 it has carried out a materiality study in order to identify the most relevant aspects for the responsible management of the bank through active listening to its stakeholders from both internal and external perspectives.

Firstly, a series of issues were identified according to their economic, environmental and social impact. Based on this identification, Bankia carried out extensive consultations with its stakeholders, thereby prioritising certain issues.

An external perspective makes it possible to know the influence that each of the matters has on the decision making process and the stakeholders' perception of Bankia. Meanwhile, the internal perspective reflects the importance for the business of achieving goals and consolidating the trust of stakeholders, in other words, the effect of each issue on the capacity to create value for the company itself. The risk variable serves to identify the tolerance, current trust and attitudes that stakeholders would assume in the event of potential events that could not be up to their expectations and thus improve the management of the bank, anticipating the problems.

Materiality matrix

Materiality matrix Bankia

Matriz materialidad Bankia

Regarding the result of the materiality analysis, the matters that are most important to external stakeholders (shareholders and investors, customers, suppliers and society as a whole) and internal stakeholders (employees) are those linked to the generation of strength economic development, the manner of establishing business relationships and the integrity of the bank's staff, as well as those related to the adequate technological progress of the business.

Issues related to corporate governance, responsible marketing, solvency, ethics and innovation and multi-channel reporting are particularly relevant.

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