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Materiality analysis

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Bankia’s identity includes active and constant listening to society. Accordingly, it carries out a materiality study every two years to identify the most relevant aspects for the responsible management of the bank through active listening to its stakeholders from both internal and external perspectives.

In the last materiality analysis, conducted in 2017, a number of issues were identified in terms of their economic, environmental and social impact. On the basis of this identification, Bankia carried out extensive consultations with its stakeholders, thereby prioritising the most relevant issues.

The issues that are most important to external stakeholders (shareholders and investors, customers, suppliers and society as a whole) and internal stakeholders (employees) have been those related to economic strength, the way in which commercial relations are established and the impeccable conduct of the bank’s staff, as well as those related to the appropriate technological progress of the business.

The external perspective has helped to understand the influence of each issue on Bankia’s decision-making and stakeholder assessment.

The internal perspective has reflected the importance to the business of stakeholder trust or, in other words, the effect each issue has on the ability to create value for the organisation itself.

In the materiality study, the reputational risk variable has been incorporated to identify the tolerance, trust and attitudes that stakeholders would assume in the face of potential events that could lower their expectations, and thus be able to anticipate them.

This materiality analysis has also served as input to the new 2019-2020 Responsible Management Plan approved at the beginning of 2019 and which has been structured under five areas of action: Corporate governance, Customer satisfaction and relationship, Talent and commitment, Sustainable development and Low-carbon economy and Contribution to society.

We present the materiality matrix in relation to the fields of action of the 2019-2020 Responsible Management Plan.

Materiality matrix

  • All
  • Corporate governance
  • Customer satisfaction and relationship
  • Talent and commitment
  • Low-carbon economy
  • Contribution to society
Bankia materiality matrix mobile
Bankia materiality matrix

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