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Materiality analysis

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Listening to stakeholders is a priority for Bankia.

In 2019, a new materiality exercise was carried out with the aim of identifying the most relevant aspects for stakeholders: customers, shareholders, bank professionals, suppliers and society, as a whole, in the areas where Bankia is most active, which allows priority to be given to the most relevant environmental, social and governance (ESG) aspects.

The matters considered most relevant by stakeholders are information security and privacy, ethics and integrity, information transparency and corporate governance. In addition, responsible marketing and solvency and liquidity are considered a priority among these matters.

In the materiality study, the reputational risk variable has been incorporated to identify the tolerance, trust and attitudes that stakeholders would assume in the face of potential events that could lower their expectations, and thus be able to anticipate them. Stakeholders believe that Bankia's overall reputation has undergone a notable improvement in recent years. Among the aspects associated with improving reputation are the management team, highlighting its professionalism; de-politicisation and commitment to high ethical and social standards; the absence of controversies and reputational crises, a public nature that guarantees greater supervision compared to other entities and proven efficiency in the face of the crises suffered by the financial sector.

This materiality analysis will serve as input for the design of the next Responsible Management Plan, which will be approved at the end of 2020 to give continuity to the bank's sustainability and business strategy.

Materiality matrix

  • All
  • Corporate governance
  • Customer satisfaction and relationship
  • Talent and commitment
  • Low-carbon economy
  • Contribution to society
Bankia materiality matrix
Bankia materiality matrix

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