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Collaboration with stakeholders

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Colaboración con Grupos de Interés

Commitment to the struggle against climate change

This commitment is present in the entire decision-making process of the bank

Commitment to the preservation of the environment included in the 2017-2020 Eco-efficiency Plan and in our Code of Ethics and Conduct is the basic framework for action for all professionals who are part of Bankia.

The bank has willingly taken into consideration all the environmental concerns that have arose as a consequence of dialogue with its stakeholders in its policies and procedures.

As a result, projects such as the following are promoted:


Bankia develops and promotes financial solutions that are committed to protecting the environment, such as sustainable loans or the Bankia Sustainable Future Fund. It also invests in the renewal of its digital platforms to interact with its customers anywhere in the world and through the remote channel they prefer.

In 2019, 53.3% of customers have interacted with Bankia through digital channels.


millions of customers use digital channels


Bankia establishes responsible purchasing and contracting criteria in its relationship with its suppliers. Moreover, to foster collaboration with suppliers with a greater environmental impact, the bank offers the possibility of participating in specific awareness-raising events. These conferences are a forum for open dialogue for continuous improvement, which makes us a more sustainable and committed company.


The bank participates in various public initiatives to promote of sustainability and the protection of the environment in collaboration with administrations, companies and NGOs. Bankia, among other areas and initiatives, carries out different activities in the fight against climate change.


In order to foster environmental culture among the professionals of the company, over the last few years, Bankia professionals have received more than 10,500 hours of environmental training. In addition, specific sections have been created both on the Intranet and in internal digital publications for the dissemination of practical environmental training.


Once the restrictions established by Brussels on some business lines were lifted, Bankia's Restructuring Plan included a commitment to the Equator Principles to take into account the social and environmental risks of its own activity and the projects it finances.

Bankia will also follow the recommendations of the Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) regarding risk and opportunity assessments related to climate change, to promote a transition towards a low-carbon economy.

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