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Collaboration with stakeholders

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The environmental pledges included in the 2017-2020 Climate Change and Ecoefficiency Plan and in our Code of Ethics and Conduct comprise the basic framework within which Bankia staff work.

Any environmental concerns raised during engagement and dialogue with the bank’s stakeholders are also voluntarily included in its policies and procedures


Bankia develops and promotes financial solutions that contribute to protecting the environment , such as sustainable loans or the Bankia Futuro Sostenible Fund. It also invests in revamping its digital channels, which allow it to interact with its customers from wherever they want, and using the remote channel of their choosing.

39.5% of customers (2.24 million) relate to Bankia through digital channels and more than 4 million of our customers use electronic correspondance.


million customers use digital channels



In its relationship with suppliers, Bankia establishes responsible purchasing and contracting criteria. Moreover, to encourage those suppliers with the greatest environmental impacts to collaborate more, Bankia offers them the chance to take part in specific awareness-raising days. These days provide a platform for open dialogue leading to continuous improvements, making our institution more sustainable and committed to environmental protection.

Digital contracts

95% of contracts signed with suppliers were managed through digital platforms in 2017, avoiding the use of paper and printer cartridges.


The bank is involved in various public initiatives promoting sustainability and protection of the environment, in partnership with public authorities, businesses and NGOs.


In order to foster the environmental culture among the bank’s staff, an online environmental management course has been incorporated into the individual training plans of 13,094 professionals.


training hours


Since 2016, is also part of the FTSE4Good IBEX index and the FTSE4Good Index. In addition, Bankia annually submits to the CDP Climate Change questionnaire, which analyzes its strategy and management of climate change. The management carried out by Bankia in this area has been recognized by the analysts of the CDP with the highest possible rating (A), which makes the bank one of the 112 leading global companies in the fight against climate change.

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