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In 2018, Bankia saved more than 2,000 megawatts thanks to the implementation of energy efficiency measures


As part of its commitment to sustainable resource management, Bankia is committed to energy efficiency projects and initiatives. This commitment is reflected in the bank's goal of optimising its energy consumption, reaching a 19% decrease in 2019.

Some of the initiatives:

  • Decreased electricity consumption through the installation of remote management systems in more than 220 offices and buildings. In addition, more than 759 HVAC units have been replaced with more efficient ones, which entails annual savings of over 2.5 GWh.
  • In the area of sustainable mobility, Bankia has renegotiated the conditions for rental vehicles for executives, so that the new vehicles added to the fleet are hybrids with low CO2 emissions. In 2018, 72.5% of the vehicles are hybrids. It also has 2 large buildings equipped with bicycle parking and one with systems for recharging electric vehicles.
  • In addition, Bankia continues to work on extending new technologies to jobs, so that professionals can communicate through video calls or online meetings without having to travel.


Bankia places particular emphasis on reducing the consumption of paper and toner. Therefore, it has launched a real-time monitoring project for the consumption of toner and paper in practically all of the bank's printers. Measures are also being implemented, such as optimising the number of operational teams based on actual needs or setting up two-sided printing on all the devices where this is feasible.

Regarding correspondence with customers, Bankia has eliminated physical mail for all its digital customers. Digital signatures have been promoted in offices, so that most contracts are signed electronically.


Rational and sustainable use of water in buildings and offices is an objective within the ongoing improvement of Bankia's environmental performance.

Some of the initiatives:

  • In the buildings of Triana, 20 and Las Rozas, there have been two separate projects to replace single-lever taps with push-taps, and total discharge tanks with double-discharge tanks, saving 7.381 m3 of water in 2018.


At Bankia we understand that the best waste is the waste that is not produced. That is why, whenever possible, we want to extend the useful life of all materials by reusing them, donating them and thereby contributing to society:

  • 323 donations of electronic and computer equipment and furniture for re-use to educational centres and non-profit social entities since 2013.
  • In November 2018, Bankia started the selective collection of plastic caps for two purposes: promoting social action together with environmental action. Therefore, with the collection of caps, this waste is reused by introducing it back into the economy, but it also "gives voice" to dozens of children who suffer from speech issues or delay because of Phelan-McDermind syndrome, a rare disease that is currently only diagnosed in 140 children in Spain and 2,000 around the world.

15.5%Reduction of the total waste generated

99.9% of waste paper, printer cartridges and packaging and non-reusable IT equipment were recycled in 2018 (over 1,000 tonnes))

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