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Environmental risk management

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Bankia takes the view that its banking activity has a very limited impact on the environment. However, it has a highly significant effect stemming from its customers’ productive activities and asset investment decisions.

As a result, the environmental risk posed by said productive activity could be passed on to the bank in two forms: credit risk and reputational risk.


Bankia takes into account environmental criteria in risk management and recognizes the importance of the indirect environmental impact derived from the approval of loans and investment projects. The Credit Risk Policy includes criteria associated with environmental risk.

Bankia manages environmental risk using a scorecard to rate the environmental performance of its business customers, providing qualitative information that complements credit ratings.

72.8 % of exposure and 80.3% of borrowers or customers were classified as posing low or very low environmental risk. 98% of the authorized exposure of the specialized loan portfolio is concentrated in the OECD countries.

Future lines of work include analyzing the recommendations launched in June 2017 by the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosure in order to implement them and continue to advance in the fight against climate change.

Environmental Risk Management

Bankia - Environmental Risk Management

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