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Management systems

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Bankia’s concerns about protecting the environment have led it to establish a certified end-to-end Environmental Management System, based on the ISO 14001 international standard. This system is subject to ongoing enhancements and is designed to reduce the impact of the bank’s activities on the environment.

In 2016, following an update of ISO 14001, Bankia focused its efforts on analysing and reviewing its internal environmental management procedures to bring them into line with the new standard, always looking at the whole organisation and taking into account its context and the needs and expectations of the bank’s stakeholders.

Environmental policy

As a result of this pledge, Bankia has drawn up an Environmental Policy; the primary aim of which is to ensure responsible environmental management.

Although it is aware that its business does not have a major environmental impact, its goal is to be a flagbearer in the fight against climate change: one of the most immediate threats facing society.

The bank’s Environmental Policy is applicable to all Bankia staff and anyone carrying out work on its behalf.

More information

Environmental management certificates

Bankia has an Environmental Management System in place that is ISO 14001 certified; going beyond what is required of it to comply with environmental legislation as part of its pledge to continuously improve its environmental performance.

Bankia’s environmental management drive extends across the organisation (staff, work centres, and even suppliers), with four large buildings being certified: the head office in Valencia, the centre of operations in Madrid, the Las Rozas building housing the data processing centre and the Triana building 20 in Las Palmas.

The 2017-2020 Ecoefficiency Plan includes extending the environmental management certification to seven buildings.

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