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Tackling climate change

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Climate change is one of the greatest threats faced by society. The current situation and especially, the future of the environment on the planet is something we must all assume responsibility for.

In this area, Bankia is unwavering in its commitment and has therefore been taking steps over many years to promote the transition to a low carbon economy.


For yet another year, 100% of the electricity used by branches and central services in 2016 was generated using renewable sources. Bankia is one of the first financial institutions to use 100% green electricity, which it has been doing since 2013. Bankia also has a solar photovoltaic array installed in Valencia to generate clean energy.

During 2016, the emission of 36,236 tonnes of CO2 was avoided thanks to acquiring electricity from renewable sources..


In 2016, Bankia offset 100% of the CO2 emissions generated by the activity at its operational headquarters in Madrid.

This offset was carried out by directly purchasing tonnes of carbon credits available through the national REFO-RESTA CO2 project, listed in the “Register of Carbon Footprint Offsetting and Absorption Projects” overseen by Spain’s Ministry of Agriculture, Fishing and the Environment.

This project involves restoring an area of degraded, bare land in the municipalities of Lerma and Santa María del Castillo (Burgos). The new wood is a significant carbon sink and boosts the area’s biodiversity. The project also has an important social impact through the creation of local jobs and rural development.

100% of offsetting of the CO2 emissions of the Paseo de La Castellana, 189 building


Energy efficiency is one of the key ways of reducing CO2 emissions and thereby tackling climate change.

Bankia therefore has 121 branches that are remotely managed, along with its head offices in Valencia. Over 480 air conditioning units were also replaced by other more efficient models at branches in 2015 and 2016.

14.1% year-on-year reduction in electricity consumption in 2016.


Bankia has responded to grown demand in society, creating an environmentally-responsible loan with special terms and conditions for financing sustainable products to:

  • Purchase new household electrical appliances (refrigerators, dishwashers, air conditioning, etc.) that are low energy (Class A or higher efficiency ratings).
  • Acquire a hybrid, electric or alternative fuel vehicle with low emissions.
  • Carry out home refurbishments to boost energy efficiency, such as installing solar panels or condensing boilers for instance.


Bankia also participates in the following initiatives.

Bankia - Comunidad #PorElClima

Comunidad #PorElClima

Comunidad #PorElClima (Community for the Environment) is formed by companies, banks, public institutions and members of the public wanting to tackle climate change. This community was established in 2016 by pioneers in the fight against climate change in Spain, who are striving to construct a new economy that is environmentally friendly. The community aims to foster action across society to tackle climate change.

Bankia adherida a RE100


RE100: Bankia is part of RE100 – a group of the largest companies around the world committed to 100% green power which have defined and published their objectives regarding the use of renewable energy. RE100 is a global initiative established by The Climate Group in partnership with CDP. This initiative along with other measures set out in the bank’s environmental policy position Bankia as a pioneer and leader in the use of clean energy in the Spanish financial sector.

Bankia - Clúster de Cambio Climático

Climate Change Cluster

With a view to understanding, sharing, leading on and collaborating to tackle climate change issues, Bankia is a member of the Climate Change Cluster coordinated by Forética (Spanish representative of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development).

The Cluster brings together corporations that have a climate change strategy and regularly publish performance indicators.

Bankia - La Hora del Planeta

Earth Hour

Every year since 2012, Bankia joins thousands of organisations and millions of people around the world in the largest global environmental movement: Earth Hour, organised by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF). Taking part and switching off lights in its corporate buildings is another example of Bankia’s commitment to tackling climate change.

Bankia - CDP


Each year, the bank completes the Global Climate Change Report questionnaire drawn up by the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) to analyse its climate change strategy and management. The score of A- obtained in 2016 puts the bank near the top of the rankings (the maximum score is an A).


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