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Tackling climate change

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Climate change is one of the greatest threats for society. The present situation, and especially the future of the environment, requires everyone to become aware.

Bankia is highly committed to this cause, which is why it has been implementing measures to promote transition towards a low-carbon economy for years.

In fact, Bankia's commitment to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and offsetting the carbon footprint has been recognised with the Calculation/Compensation seal of the Ministry for the Ecological Transition for 2016 and 2017. Bankia has registered its footprint in the Register of Carbon Footprint, Compensation and CO2 Absorption Projects under the same Ministry since 2014.

See detail registration 2014 (spanish version), 2015 (spanish version)2016 (spanish version) 2017 (spanish version)


Bankia was one of the first financial institutions that, since 2013, has used 100% eco-friendly electricity. In 2018, with the integration of the BMN bank (which did not have a renewable power supply), Bankia maintained its objective of using 100% renewable electricity and therefore renegotiated the conditions for contracting electricity for the new buildings and offices added to the entity. Since April 2018, 100% of the electricity consumed at Bankia is renewable.

Bankia also has a photovoltaic solar collector system in Valencia that generates clean electricity.

Furthermore, in the area of syndicated loans, during 2018 Bankia played a leading role in the financing of renewable energies, participating, among others, in the structuring and financing of one of the largest photovoltaic plants in Europe, located in the south-east of Spain.

In 2018, 39,800 tons of CO2 were avoided by acquiring electricity from renewable sources.


In 2018, Bankia compensated 12% of its carbon footprint. This compensation was made through the direct purchase of carbon credits from national and international projects.

National project: REFO-RESTA CO2, (Phase V) recorded in the "Carbon Footprint Registry Compensation and CO2 Absorption Projects", reporting to MITECO.

International projects: "Dora geothermical energy project" in Turkey and "Organic biodigesters and cookers" in China, both with Gold Standard guarantee. These projects, along with contributing to the fight against climate change, also bring us closer to achieving 8 of the 17 SDGs established by the United Nations.

See detail of projetcs.

1,460 tCO2 offset in 2017


Energy efficiency is one of the fundamental methods for reducing CO2 emissions and therefore slowing climate change down. That's why Bankia has more than 220 remotely managed offices and buildings. In addition, between 2015 and 2018 we replaced more than 759 AC systems with more efficient ones.

More than 4 million euros invested in energy efficiency measures.


In response to a growing demand from society, Bankia has created an environment-friendly loan, with special conditions for financing sustainable products:

  • Purchase of new appliances (refrigerators, dishwashers, air conditioners, etc.) that are energy-efficient (with energy class A label or higher).
  • Purchase of hybrid or electric vehicles with alternative low-emission fuels.
  • House renovations that will improve your energy efficiency, such as the installation of solar panels, condensation boilers, etc.

See terms and conditions of Bankia’s sustainable loans.

Bankia Sustainable Future Fund also applies socially responsible investment criteria by investing in entities that have a positive impact on compliance with the UN SDGs, defending, among others, environmental values or human and labour rights.

Check conditions of the Bankia Futuro Sostenible Fund.


Bankia also participates in the following initiatives.

Bankia - Comunidad #PorElClima

#PorElClima Community

Companies, institutions, public administrations and citizens who want to fight against climate change participate in the #PorElClima Community. This Community was created in 2016 with the pioneers in the fight against climate change in Spain, who are working to build a new environment-friendly economy. The Community aims to generate a culture that drives society as a whole to act to curb climate change and promotes initiatives such as the "#DesafíoGreenFriday" or the creation of the first showcase for eco-friendly products.

Bankia adherida a RE100


Bankia is part of RE100, an association of the largest companies committed to 100% renewable energy and which have defined and published objectives in relation to their use. RE100 is a global initiative created by The Climate Group in Association with CDP. This initiative, together with other measures included in the environmental policies of the company, makes Bankia a pioneer and cutting-edge company in the use of clean energies in the Spanish financial industry.

Plataforma Española de Acción Climática

Spanish Platform for Climate Action

This Platform proposes a framework for public-private cooperation, promoting the participation and alignment of climate strategies and government actions to achieve compliance with the Paris Agreement.

Bankia - Clúster de Cambio Climático

Cluster on Climate Change

With the aim of understanding, sharing, leading and collaborating on climate change issues, Bankia is part of the Cluster on Climate Change coordinated by Forética (representative of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development in Spain).

The Cluster brings together large companies that have a climate change strategy and regularly publish performance indicators.


Spanish Group for Green Growth

In 2017, Bankia joined the Spanish Group for Green Growth, an association created to foster public-private collaboration and jointly face environmental challenges, such as mitigating and adapting to climate change, decreasing the carbon impact of the economy or the promotion of a circular economy.

This platform encourages the participation of companies in the most relevant debates on the subject, nationally and internationally, shares information and identifies opportunities for Spanish companies.

Bankia - La Hora del Planeta

Earth Hour

As it has been doing since 2012, Bankia participates, like thousands of other organisations and millions of people around the world, in the biggest global movement in favour of the environment: Earth Hour, promoted by WWF (World Wildlife Fund). Taking part and switching off the lights of corporate buildings is another example of Bankia's commitment to the fight against climate change. More information about the Earth Hour.

Bankia - CDP


Every year, the entity fills in the Global Climate Change Report Questionnaire proposed by the CDP, which analyses the climate change strategy and of companies all around the world.

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