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Corporate sponsorship

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703 students Bankia Escolta València 

the Bankia Escolta València programme promotes music education and the fight against school failure through music.

2017 In 2017, Bankia reinforced its sponsorship of activities related to innovation, such as the Atípics programme and the Digitalizadora.

The Digitalizadora deserves special mention. It consisted of a digital immersion programme started by Bankia and Insomnia that gave business owners and managers insight, through 10 training sessions, into the main technological verticals that are expected to affect companies in the near future. Robotics, 3D printing and artificial intelligence were among the subjects addressed during the programme..

These actions manifest the bank’s support for activities aimed at developing new ways of doing things that involve technology and that have a positive impact on society.

All this is without neglecting its support for purely solidarity activities. For several years now, Bankia has been sponsoring activities that help improve the environment in the spheres of culture, sport and business.

Notable social and cultural sponsorships include:

Bankia Symphony Orchestra (BSO)

Orquesta Sinfónica de Valencia

The purpose of the BSO project, which was started in 2015, is to discover musical talent, provide recognition for effort and hard work, and create professional development and employment opportunities for high-flying young instrumentalists who have completed their formal musical training. During 2017 the BSO gave two series of concerts, in six Spanish cities, which were attended by more than 7,000 people, who were able to enjoy the talent and professionalism of the orchestra’s 52 instrumentalists.

Bankia Escolta València

Bankia Escolta València

This programme aimed at fostering music as a fundamental part of the cultural heritage promotes music education and the fight against school failure through musical bands. This is done by offering scholarships to students at music schools in the Valencian Community. In 2017, a total of 703 students benefited from the 4th Call for Applications. At the same time, the second edition of the Valencian Community’s Competition for Orchestras was started, the project to recover historical pieces of music continued and the first Bankia Musical Talent Prizes were awarded.

Youth sport

Bankia’s sports sponsorship is focused on sport practised by youngsters in sport schools. In Las Palmas, Bankia sponsors the youth academy of the Gran Canaria basketball club; in Ávila, the Puente Romanillos athletics club and the Óbila basketball club’s youth academy; and in Segovia, the school of the Segovia Futsal futsal club. More than 2,000 boys and girls benefit from these activities. Also, the bank has an agreement with the Valencia Basket basketball club to foster the values of a culture of effort among young people through the “Més que un Triple”, “Triple Solidario” and “Campus del Esfuerzo” social programmes, as well as the Valencia Basket card.

Gran Teatro Bankia Príncipe Pío

The Gran Teatro Príncipe Pío project envisages the creation of a cabaret, a concert hall, an exhibition centre, a television studio and, of course, a large theatre, all of them housed in the main building of the former Príncipe Pío railway station in Madrid. To mark the start of this large project, known as La Estación (The Station), Madrid’s first ever spiegeltent (travelling tent decorated with mirrors) has been set up near the site and in 2017 was the for venue for 52 different shows, with a total of 306 performances attended by more than 121,670 people.

Madrid Book Fair

Bankia sponsors the Book Fair, one of the capital’s most important cultural events, promoting book sales in Spain. The bank has been Official Sponsor and Exclusive Sponsor among financial sector companies. The main new feature in the 76th edition was the bank’s sponsorship of the Bankia Cultural Activities Pavilion, in which the main events were held.

Valencian pilota

In 2017 Bankia supported the game of Valencian pilota for the fourth season in a row. This sport has been declared an Intangible Heritage Asset by the Valencian government (Generalitat) and is practised throughout the three provinces of the Valencian Community. In 2017 the sponsorship included two versions of the game: “escala i corda” and “raspall”.

Andalusians with a Future awards

Organised in collaboration with the Joly publishing group, these awards provide grants for further training for young Andalusians who stand out for their involvement in science, sport, social action, business and culture.

Bankia Fintech by Innsomnia

Bankia Fintech by Innsomnia

Bankia supports digitisation, innovation and the internationalisation of companies. During 2016, together with Innsomnia, the bank started an ambitious project to set up Spain’s first fintech incubator and accelerator, based in Valencia, called Bankia Fintech by Innsomnia.

Bankia Accelerator by Conector

Bankia Accelerator by Conector

In collaboration with Conector, Bankia launched Accelerator by Conector, a programme designed to help launch innovative startups that aspire to have a social impact. This project is consistent with the bank’s philosophy of contributing to the digitisation, innovation and internationalisation of companies.

Talento Joven awards

Organised by Editorial Prensa Valenciana, Bankia’s Talento Joven CV awards support the development of Valencian society by giving recognition to its talented youngsters in the categories of social action, science, culture, sport and business.

Venero Claro summer camp

Thanks to the agreement with Fundación Caja de Ávila, more than 400 boys and girls who have demonstrated particular effort at school are able to enjoy a summer camp in Ávila.

Edades del Hombre

Bankia - Reconciliare - Edades del Hombre

Bankia manifested its commitment to the promotion of culture and the preservation of the historical heritage through its sponsorship of the 22nd edition of the exhibitions organised by the Las Edades del Hombre foundation. In 2017, the “Reconciliare” exhibition, held in the town of Cuéllar in the province of Segovia, received more than 170,000 visitors.

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