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Disabled people

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Improve employability and reduce inequalities

Job integration projects supported by Bankia benefited more than 172,000 people and assisted more than 400 NGO projects in 2019.

Bankia works to normalise disability in society by improving employability. The bank contributes to SDG 10, Reducing inequalities.

In 2019, the bank supported projects by 408 NGOs, investing a total of 2.49 million euros to improve the job prospects of 172,021 people with sensory, physical or intellectual disabilities.

These social welfare activities, included projects such as:

  • Convocatoria Capaces, in collaboration with the Bancaja Foundation: carrying out job market integration and social inclusion projects for people with functional disabilities.
  • The 'Integrados' program by the Randstad Foundation, which develops social and occupational routes for unemployed people with disabilities to streamline their inclusion in the job market.
  • Supporting the ONCE Oportunidad al Talento Foundation scholarship programme in different educational and development areas for people with disabilities.
  • Recruiting services for Bankia departments through Special Employment Centres, where at least 70% of employees have a disability.

Bankia also hires services through Special Employment Centres, in which at least 70% of employees have a disability. In 2019, the bank hired telephone marketing services from the Konecta Group, cleaning of premises and buildings from GELIM (ISS Group), and welfare and health assistance from Alares Social.

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