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Dual Vocational training | Commitment to young people

Bankia is the first European bank to join the European Alliance for Apprenticeships (EAFA).

Bankia has made a commitment to the dual educational model, which it considers fundamental for improving the youth unemployment figures.

Over the last four years this commitment to dual education has been put into practice through various initiatives, projects and agreements with different regional governments. The year 2016 saw the creation of the Bankia Dual Education Foundation, whose goals are as follows:

  • To foster, promote and spread dual education, so as to increase its value to society as a driver of employability (especially of young people), competitiveness and the transformation of productive industry.
  • To collaborate in the introduction of dual education into the education system, in coordination with governments, schools, companies and business associations, as well as other institutions and social agents.
  • To stimulate research and innovation in dual education, so as to generate knowledge that will facilitate the implementation of new pilot projects and plans linked to its development.
  • To provide professional, academic and personal guidance for young people and other groups of people in their search for employment, fostering the entrepreneurial spirit.

Dual Vocational Training is a system in which students combine classroom learning with on-the-job learning in companies.

In June 2017, the 44 members of the first class of students of the FP Dual Bankia programme completed their training and 17 of them joined Bankia as sales staff in the branches. That same month another 50 students, who make up the second class of the bank’s educational project, began their training.

At the same time, the Bankia Dual Education Foundation carries out training projects in digital and entrepreneurial competencies, biomedical research and foreign trade; works with regional governments to prepare smart specialisation strategies; and, in collaboration with Fundación Bertelsmann, has started up the DUAL+ Knowledge and Innovation Centre, with the aim of creating spaces for analysis and agreements for the launch of advanced vocational training and dual vocational training projects in sectors with high growth and employment potential.

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