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"One of Bankia’s priorities is to continue working to improve education for young people"

José Ignacio Goirigolzarri, Bankia's chairman

Bankia is the only Spanish financial institution to have its own Dual Training project and its chairman wants to summarise the achievements and future challenges to conquer for the benefit of society.

In Spain, we have experienced an economic crisis that is unprecedented in recent history, a crisis which, among other reasons, has been aggravated by the disconnect between education and job opportunities.

For this reason, when we thought about how Bankia could support Spanish society in 2013, we thought that education, especially the education of our youth, must be one of our priorities.

Bankia is convinced that the development of quality vocational training can help to solve two of the main problems facing our society: unemployment and training of young people. Because the fight against unemployment and the inclusion of our young people in the job market is the basic pillar of our economy and, above all, of our society.

We can say that our activity contributes to thousands of students improving their employability and hundreds of companies increasing their competitiveness.

José Ignacio Goirigolzarri
Bankia's chairman

Thus, on 26 July 2016, Bankia made a commitment to education with the creation of the Bankia Foundation for Dual Training and its inclusion in the foundations registry.

Its name already stated its intent, the commitment undertaken by our institution to dual training, which combines theoretical education with practical training in the workplace; a dynamic and flexible training model, capable of adapting to the needs of companies and schools, without imposing any theoretical or administrative obstacles.

At that time, we decided to take on the role of a bridge between both worlds (schools and companies) which were unaware that they needed each other. And we did it based on the conviction that this collaboration was a decisive step to strengthen joint projects and foster training, a key step to improve social cohesion and reduce inequality.

When defining these goals, we established four main lines: promotion and improvement of vocational training and its dual modality, dissemination of both types of training, improvement of the guidance process and development of research on learning.

Today we can say that our activity has contributed and contributes to thousands of students improving their employability. Hundreds of companies can increase their competitiveness thanks to our work and more and more schools receive support when it comes to developing training projects that need a little push to become a reality.

Our Dualiza Call is on its way to becoming a national benchmark by having supported close to a hundred projects in its two editions. Projects that have to do with mechatronics, robotics, renewable energies, but also with agriculture, the wood industry, viticulture and social inclusion.

Innovation continues to be one of our hallmarks because we are convinced that vocational training must take the lead. A conviction based on the experience of seeing dozens of students in higher cycles of Dual Vocational Training take part in the Dualiza Challenge, through which they have been able to implement improvements or real solutions in companies of different levels, from multinationals such as Lidl, Heineken and Renault to small companies such as Adisgua or nursery school El Mundo de Mozart.

We are present all across Spain with our projects or the agreements signed with the various regional administrations in order to bring vocational training to every corner of our country.

We work hand in hand with different confederations or employers to make companies see that their talent needs can be solved if they turn their heads and look at vocational training. And to make them understand that the new society requires them to take a step forward and assume a role as talent trainers. Because only companies can know what a company needs.

We have taken this step at Bankia. Our Dual Vocational Bankia program in 2019 includes three promotions for graduate vocational training students, of which almost 50 have already joined our entity as customer managers.

Today is a day, therefore, to look back and celebrate what we have achieved, but above all, to think about the enormous possibilities of a project that has a long way to go and in which Bankia has decided to take the lead.

Bankia sociedad educación

Vocational Training

Bankia fosters, promotes and drives an educational model focused on increasing job opportunities among young people.

Bankia’s commitment to Dual Vocational Training is materialised through the Bankia Foundation for Dual Training, whose objectives focus on:

  • The promotion, improvement and dissemination of Dual Training in order to increase its social value as a driver of employability -particularly of young people-, competitiveness and the transformation of the industrial fabric.
  • Collaboration in the implementation of dual training in the education system, in coordination with public administrations, educational centres, companies and business associations, as well as other institutions and social agents.
  • The promotion of research and innovation in the field of Dual Training, generating knowledge that will help to implement new projects and initiatives linked to its development.
  • Professional, academic and personal guidance for young people and other groups looking for a job, fostering an entrepreneurial spirit.

This project started in 2016 was consolidated in 2019, with almost a hundred new projects promoted.

Lines of action

  Promotion and improvement of VET/DUAL VET Stimulus, promotion and dissemination of VET/DUAL VET Research and innovation Professional, academic and personal career guidance
Iniciatives Dualiza grants to encourage VET project in collaboration with FPEmpresa Dualiza meetups to assess the situation of VET in a given region or sector Start-up of the VET and Dual VET Observatory in Spain Report ‘Aproximación a la orientación profesional en Educación Primaria y Secundaria’
Training actions to improve the vocational qualifications of teachers and the employability of young people: COMEX and DITEC programmes Dual VET fairs in collaboration with the Spanish Chamber of Commerce Preparation of regional and sectoral reports on the situation of VET and Dual VET Report “Approach to Vocational Guidance in Primary and Secondary Education"
Initiatives to stimulate innovation in VET: Dualiza Challenge, 24 Hours of Innovation, Sanec Scholarships Presence at local, regional and national conferences, meetings and events   Teaching resources on vocational guidance to bring VET closer to primary, secondary and baccalaureate students
Projects around strategic sectors (energy, cybersecurity, blue economy) Dual VET dissemination campaign, focusing on high employability, educational and training quality, and adaptation to the labour market   Vocational guidance days for secondary and baccalaureate students
Support for associations, business organisations and chambers of commerce wishing to promote VET Development of the corporate www.dualizabankia.com   Call for proposals for Active Vocational Guidance Projects

The training work has resulted in the creation of its own dual training programme, FP Dual Bankia, which makes Bankia the only bank with its own programme of this type. Likewise, Bankia is the leading European bank to join the European Alliance for Apprenticeships (EAFA).

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