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Dual Vocational Training, our commitment to employment

Bankia is the leading European bank to join the European Alliance for Apprenticeships (EAFA)

Bankia has opted for this educational model, essential for improving youth unemployment data.

This commitment to Dual Training has generated different initiatives, projects and agreements over the last five years with different regional administrations, and in 2016 the Bankia Foundation for Dual Training was created with the following objectives:

  • The promotion, improvement and dissemination of Dual Training in order to increase its social value as a driver of employability -particularly of young people-, competitiveness and the transformation of the industrial fabric.
  • Collaboration in the implementation of dual training in the education system, in coordination with public administrations, educational centres, companies and business associations, as well as other institutions and social agents.
  • The promotion of research and innovation in the field of Dual Training, generating knowledge that will help to implement new projects and initiatives linked to its development.
  • Professional, academic and personal guidance for young people and other groups looking for a job, fostering an entrepreneurial spirit.

The Dual Vocational Training model is one in which the student combines their learning time in the school with professional growth at a company.

Our commitment to training has resulted in the creation of the Bankia Foundation for Dual Training and our own dual training program, FP Dual Bankia, which makes Bankia the only bank with its own program of this type. Since its inception, 30 vocational training students have joined our offices as customer managers.

The Foundation has supported thousands of Dual Training students and nearly a hundred educational centres to promote collaborative projects with companies through the Dualiza Program.

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