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Local and rural development

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Desarrollo Local y Rural

Approachable and supportive in the community

Bankia donated 6.3 million euros to projects carried out by 373 welfare associations, channelled through eleven foundations of origin and benefiting 229,012 people.

Through its local and rural development facet, Bankia shows its involvement in the environment in which it operates.

In close collaboration with the eleven foundations that gave rise to the bank, Bankia supported 373 social entities in 2019 through several social calls launched during the year. There were a total of 229,012 direct beneficiaries in ten autonomous communities.

The social and cultural initiatives carried out by foundations at their headquarters also received support by means of lending spaces for charitable events, support for care, social and cultural, local entrepreneurship programmes and the fight against depopulation.

In 2019, Bankia supported congresses on values by the Fundación Lo Que De Verdad Importa, aimed at more than 12,000 youngsters aged 16 to 25, and received testimonies of free education in values, solidarity and volunteerism.

Social calls launched in 2019

The number of projects carried out during the past financial year, in collaboration with the original foundations and the direct beneficiaries of these actions, was as follows:

Foundation Projects Beneficiary
Montemadrid 79 90,090
Bancaja 56 20,791
Caja Rioja 26 4,093
La Caja de Canarias 35 12,114
Caja de Ávila 26 2,788
Caja Segovia 22 2,474
Illuro 11 1,442
Caja Castellón 41 17,339
Caja Granada 81 11,380
Caja Murcia 63 18,359
Sa Nostra 33 48,142
TOTAL 373 229,012

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