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Local and rural development

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Local and rural development

A total of 377 foundations and associations

supported through the eleven social calls together with original foundations

One of the priorities of Bankia’s social investment is to distribute the maximum amount of contributions among different projects throughout Spain.

The focus is on supporting the development of those areas from which the bank's customers originate and endeavouring to generate activity, assistance and employment in depopulated areas.

Calls for proposals with foundations

Bankia has called eleven social calls with the bank's original foundations for a total amount of 1.84 million euros. These calls for proposals have benefited more than 230,000 people in situations involving unemployment, dependence or at risk of poverty and inequality.

Foundation Approved projects Beneficiary
Montemadrid 78 88,141
Bancaja 54 94,435
Caja Rioja 25 11,472
La Caja de Canarias 29 6,995
Caja de Ávila 23 2,968
Caja Segovia 29 4,135
Illuro 11 1,142
Caja Castellón 39 6,917
Caja Granada 60 9,719
Caja Murcia 29 7,001
TOTAL 377 232,790

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