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Social investment

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Inversión social Bankia

The bank reinforces its commitment to society and focuses its actions on fostering employment, local and rural development and support for the most disadvantaged groups.

Bankia's social investment strategy focuses on addressing the most urgent needs of its environment. In this way, the entity promotes collaborative projects focusing on employment, local and rural development, the environment, disability and housing and new poverty.

In the development of these social projects, the commitment of the professionals who are part of the entity is reflected in corporate volunteering actions, especially focused on financial education and environmental conferences.


Million euros
in social investment


Foundations and associations
supported by social action programmes


through the social projects developed in 2019

Social investment in 2019

Bankia allocated 22.1 million euros to various social action projects, distributed as follows in its different lines of action:

Social Investment Bankia 2019

Evolution of social investment

  2019 2018 2017 2016 2015 2014 2013
Social investment €22,117,608 €21,733,102 €19,335,497 €16,731,609 €16,200,588 €13,975,539 €13,800,000
NGO number 846 815 768 824 830 474 500
Beneficiaries 608,499 600,821 789,317 538,225 270,283 100,000 60,000

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