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The supplier accreditation process is a pre-requisite for establishing commercial dealings with Bankia. The process allows it to identify any economic, social and environmental risks by evaluating the information all suppliers are required to provide. This information is submitted through the Suppliers Portal, where the results of such evaluations are published..

A technological solution was integrated into the portal in 2017 enabling suppliers to easily and securely upload any information requested by Bankia for classification and approval purposes. It also facilitates supplier participation in the various negotiation processes and guarantees transparency, impartiality and equal opportunities in these processes.

The Supplier Portal offers the following services:

  • Supplier registration.
  • Requests for approval, with various requirements as per the corporate policies in force.
  • Submission of bids and negotiation.
  • Supplier information and documentation repository: automated management of updates, certificates, expiry alerts.
  • Standardisation and automation of supplier evaluation process.

We require our suppliers to comply with the laws and regulations prevailing wherever the bank operates.

We place value on suppliers’ alignment with the principles of the UN Global Compact, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the fundamental conventions of the International Labour Organization (ILO).

We give a higher score to suppliers who demonstrate a commitment to their employees, quality, the environment and human rights. We avoid dealing with suppliers who break the law or fail to meet their legal, tax, employment, environmental or social obligations.

The accreditation process assesses economic, social and environmental risks. Suppliers must achieve an appropriate economic risk score and provide the compulsory information.

There were 859 approved suppliers in 2017, 712 of which were currently supplying products or services

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