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Code of Ethics and Conduct

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The Bankia Group has a Code of Ethics and Conduct that plays a crucial role in establishing a corporate culture and way of doing things based on our values of integrity, professionalism, closeness, commitment and achievement orientation.

Ethics and integrity are not an option for the Bankia Group’s professionals; they are a matter of conviction. Therefore, those of us who make this institution must contribute to the accomplishment of its mission by conducting ourselves in a way that consistently reflects the principles and values that we share.

This Code of Ethics and Conduct is mandatory for all Bankia professionals and sets the standards that must guide their behaviour in their daily work and in their decision making.

Code of Ethics and Conduct

Confidential whistleblowing channel

In line with the latest best practices adopted by leading firms, Bankia’s Code of Ethics and Conduct provides for the creation of a confidential whistleblowing channel, which all Bankia employees and suppliers may use to report behaviour that breaches the Code.

Confidentiality is guaranteed, as the whistleblowing channel is managed by an outside firm with extensive experience in this field. This firm will process any disclosures, inquiries and suggestions prior to their submission to the Ethics and Conduct Committee, which will oversee the correct functioning of the channel.

To make this option available to our stakeholders, the channel also allows both approved and potential suppliers to report any behaviour considered irregular or inappropriate under the Code of Ethics and Conduct.

The whistleblowing channel is intended for reporting misconduct in the following areas, among others:

  • Misconduct in relation to suppliers
  • Misappropriation or misapplication of funds
  • Bribery and corruption
  • Accounting and auditing issues
  • Breach of confidentiality or misuse of inside information
  • Conflicts of interest
  • Market abuse
  • Forgery of contracts, reports or records
  • Infractions in relation to securities trading
  • Environmental protection
  • Information security
  • Physical security
  • Harassment, discrimination or physical abuse in the workplace
  • Infringement of employee rights
  • Trading in influence

Disclosures may be submitted in two ways:

  1. By accessing the online platform: whistleblowing channel
  2. By sending an email to canal.denuncias.bankia@es.pwc.com

This channel is available exclusively to employees and suppliers. Customers who wish to submit suggestions, reports or complaints may do so via Customer Service.


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