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Director's remuneration

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The Securities Market Law provides that together with the Annual Corporate Governance Report, the Boards of Directors of publicly traded limited companies must draw up an annual report on the remuneration of their directors, which will include complete, clear and comprehensible information on the company's remuneration policy as approved by the Board for the current year and, if applicable, the projected policy for future years.

It also provides that the report will be distributed and submitted to a non-binding consultative vote as a separate point on the agenda of the annual general meeting of shareholders.

The Annual Report on director remuneration includes information on:

  • Remuneration policy for the year in progress.
  • Remuneration policy projected for future years.
  • General summary of how the remuneration policy was applied during the year closed.
  • Itemisation of the individual compensation earned by each director.
  • Other relevant information.


Annual Report on Director’s Remuneration 2018.


Annual Report on Director’s Remuneration 2017.


Annual Report on Director’s Remuneration 2016.


Annual Report on Director’s Remuneration 2015.


Annual Report on Director's Remuneration 2014.


Annual Report on Director’s Remuneration 2013.

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