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Participation in influence groups

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Bankia complements its drive for growth and strengthening of the financial sector, the business sector and the economy as a whole through collaboration with sector institutions, commercial associations and business organisations, to which it is adhered.

These entities are forums for meetings and debates where work groups are established in which companies, public administrations and the third sector share knowledge, experience and good practices.

Annual contribution

2019 2018 2017 2016
1,204,006 € 1,175,253 € 1,161,393 € 1,050,942 €
*Greatest contributions made in 2019: CECA (749,546 euros); ISDA: International Swaps and Derivatives Association (94,964 euros); Spanish Mortgage Association (Asociación Hipotecaria Española - AHE) (72,982 euros).

Bankia does not make contributions to political parties because, although it only operates in Spain and these contributions are prohibited by the law on political party financing, the bank’s Code of Ethics and Conduct expressly states that “in no case can donations be made to political parties or trade unions, or to their representatives”.

In 2017, the bank joined the EU Transparency Register, to which it publicly reports on its participation in associations and/or institutions that, due to their nature and performance, have a certain influence in Spain and in the European Union.

Bankia is present in the following influence groups:

Participación en Grupos de Influencia - Bankia - mobile
Participación en Grupos de Influencia - Bankia

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