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Asset management

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Bankia maintains a commitment to socially responsible investment and integrates extra-financial criteria in its decisions.

'Bankia Asset Management'

The entity created, in 2018, a new brand to encompass all collective management activities, aimed at both retail and institutional clients.


Bankia has assets under management of 17,212 million euros, of which 98% correspond to investment funds, distributed in a wide catalog with products in all categories.

In April 2018 the Bankia Gestión Experta service was launched for the entire commercial network, through which customers can delegate their investment in funds to Bankia, in a comfortable and simple way, and with complete, transparent and adapted information to the requirements established by MiFID II. At year-end, there were already 54,655 portfolios and 2,106 million of assets under this new management model.

In terms of products, we must highlight the sale of two guaranteed funds to the market, for a total amount of 450 million euros.

At a corporate level, the most notable was the successful transfer to Bankia Fondos of the management of the funds managed by TREA and commercialized by BMN, with an equity of 1,618 million euros.

The entity has been consolidated as the fourth in the Spanish ranking, thanks to finishing the year with positive deposits of 921 million euros and a market share of 6.55%, according to the Association of Collective Investment Institutions and Pension Funds ( Inverco).

The equity managed in the 41 variable capital investment companies (sicav) managed by Bankia stood at 221 million euros.

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Millions of euros managed in funds


Bankia has a net worth of 7,999 million euros distributed among individual pension plans, employment plans and associates, always under the principle of maximum adaptation to the needs of each client at the time of retirement.

In November the integration of the pension plans of BMN (Caja Granada Vida and Caja Murcia Vida) in Bankia Pensiones was made, for a total of 669.4 million euros.

The deposits in individual plans exceeded 90 million, supported in part by a good mobilization data and the launching of a guaranteed pension plan, which closed 2018 with 75 million.

The market share in individual pension plans was 8.17% as of December 31, 2018.


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Bankia Gestión de Activos has a commitment to Socially Responsible Investment (SRI) and continues working to expand its reach. The adequacy of the investments to ESG criteria (environmental, social and corporate governance) has been increasing, both because of the number of employment funds in which these criteria are applied and because of the coverage of assets.

Initially, the only employment fund that took into account extra-financial criteria for investment decision-making was the Employee Fund of the Bankia Group.

As regards the type of assets, coverage is practically 100% in equity instruments and is increasing in fixed income issues, so that more than 70% of the investment in most of the plans of employment already meets the ASG criteria.


Millions of euros in pension plans

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