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Asset management

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The management of wealth management assets through collective investment undertakings is one of Bankia’s strategic businesses. The bank, in its firm commitment to socially responsible investment, offers specific ESG funds and vertically integrates extra-financial criteria in its investment decisions.

Bankia Asset Management

Commercial brand that encompasses all Bankia collective investment management activities, including delegated portfolio management, aimed at customers in all segments.

Bankia Asset Management is made up of three companies:

  • Bankia Fondos (investment funds).
  • Bankia Pensiones (pension plans).
  • Bankia AM international Funds Sicav.

The UCITS managed by these three companies are under a single structure composed of a Global Investment Division, Commercial Division, Risks Division, Regulatory Compliance and Control Division and a Financial Division.

Bankia AM has been recognised as the 'Best National Manager' and 'Best Asset Allocation Manager' at the Expansión-AllFunds awards.

Bankia Fondos (investment funds)

Through Bankia Fondos (investment funds), Bankia manages investment funds and SICAVs. At the end of 2019, Bankia managed to exceed the level of 19,000 million euros of assets managed in funds, remaining the leader in net fund raising in the sector.

Much of its recent growth is associated with Bankia Expert Management, a service in which the customer delegates the management of their wealth, according to their investment profile, through a diversified portfolio of investment funds that is adapted to market opportunities at all times. Bankia Expert Management marketing is also available through Bankia Online and the Bankia App.


Total number of investment fund participants


Volume of assets, in millions of euros, managed in investment funds

Bankia Internacional Funds Sicav

In 2019, the fund manager opened a new line of business with the aim of marketing part of its catalogue of funds in the international institutional investor market and originating latest-generation funds for its fund of funds in order to increase income from the fund segment, key for its strategic plan.

Planes de pensiones (pension plans)

At the end of 2019, Bankia Pensiones (pension plans) had equity of 8,243 million euros distributed among individual, employment and associated pension plans, with the aim of constituting retirement savings. The bank’s market share in individual pension plans was 7.93%.

Since 2018, Bankia Pensiones (pension plans) has had a socially responsible investment policy, applicable to all products and assets managed by the bank. Its objective is to establish a framework for action that includes the principles for the consideration of environmental, social and good governance (ESG) aspects in the investments made by Bankia Pensiones (pension plans).

When investing, Bankia Pensiones (pension plans) will take into account compliance with the United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment, the exclusion of companies not considered “best in class” and companies that are involved in controversial activities. The aspects that are evaluated also assume the 10 Principles of the United Nations Global Compact.


Total number of pension plan participants.


Volume of assets, in millions of euros, managed in pension plans.

Commitment to responsible management

Bankia AM maintains its commitment to socially responsible investment and works to integrate extra-financial criteria in investment decisions and risk management, with the main objectives of curbing climate change and contributing to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Proof of this is the marketing of products such as the 'Bankia Futuro Sostenible' fund or the 'Bankia Mixto Futuro Sostenible', with a positive impact on certain UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

As a result of its commitment to socially responsible products as a formula for creating value for investors, society and the environment, and doing so with a vision of sustainability and a vision for the future, Bankia Fondos (investment funds) appears in the Citywire Avant-gardist list as one of the 36 most advanced managers in the application of ESG criteria, mainly for having pioneered the launch of the 'Bankia Futuro Sostenible' fund.

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