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Business Banking

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One of the cornerstones of Bankia's strategy is to deliver growth in the Business Banking segment. The bank's goal is to become the benchmark entity for self-employed professionals and SMEs, for companies with annual revenue in excess of €6 million and for large enterprises.

Loans to enterprises at year-end 2017: 13,845 millions euros

To accompany enterprises as they grow, finance their projects and provide them with tools that they can use in their everyday activities are some of the goals of Bankia's Business Banking division.


SMEs and self-employed professionals constitute a core universe of customers for Bankia, to which end the bank strived to provide a genuinely value-added proposition in this segment in 2017. The main lines of institutional financing, such as the facilities channelled by ICO (Spain's official credit institute), the EIB and mutual guarantee societies (SGRs for their acronym in Spanish), enabled Bankia to offer these customers the best products at the most compelling prices. The advantages offered under the programme dubbed 'Because it is you' released 257,112 SMEs and self-employed professionals from fees and commissions in exchange for merely direct-debiting their social security or tax payments.

As for retailers, PoS terminal services were updated to provide customers with the most advanced technology and value-added services to make their work easier; in addition, financing was offered via the terminals themselves.

In the agriculture segment, also strategic at Bankia, new services were introduced for processing aid received under the scope of the European Common Agricultural Policy (CAP). In addition, the bank updated the product catalogue in this segment and speeded up the loan grant authorisation process.


The main customers in this segment are enterprises with annual revenue of over €6 million (albeit excluding large enterprises which fall into their own category). Serviced by a network of 61 offices distributed nationwide, Bankia's presence in this segment is concentrated in the regions of Madrid, Cataluña and Valencia. .

The customer service and business origination functions are underpinned by a network of expert managers who are assigned a 'limited' number of customers and whose portfolios are organised according to customer turnover levels with the goal of providing personalised customer care.

Throughout 2017, Bankia kept its business customers at the heart of its activities, developing tools to help them manage their everyday activities and organising dedicated sector-specific seminars which gave it the opportunity to showcase its strategic commitment to this segment.

Proximity is the axis around which these sector-specific seminars for business customers rotate; they addressed issues such as innovation, digital transformation and competitiveness in the various sectors and provided the bank with the opportunity to get closer to its customers. A total of 28 seminars, which were attended by over 1,000 individuals from 677 companies, were organised in 24 different cities.

One of the landmarks in 2017 was the launch of a free online platform, dubbed 'Enterprise Solutions', targeted at this segment designed to offer a 'toolbox' for all sorts of companies, regardless of whether or not they are Bankia customers, in order to help them with their growth trajectories.

These tools cover aspects such as digital competitiveness, corporate social responsibility, cyber-security and information about countries/sectors in which they could find business opportunities for their products.

This platform also includes tools for enhanced management of business risks, particularly those derived from foreign trade.

Since it was launched in November 2017, the initiative's website has received over 300,000 visits and more than 600 enterprises have registered with the platform.


This business segment is made up of Spanish and international business groups whose revenue exceeds €300 million and which generally need more specialised services and more sophisticated products than their smaller-sized counterparts.

The pillars around which Bankia articulates its strategy in this customer segment are: a specialised sales structure; an extensive product and service catalogue; pre-cleared loans under financial programmes, full-service coverage of the business; and optimal transacting facilities.

In 2017, the Corporate Banking segment defended the gross income levels of 2016 despite ultra-low interest rates thanks to lower remuneration of creditor balances (in line with the market trend) and a strong performance in fee and commission income driven by growth in transaction volumes, particularly in international markets.

As for the loan book, performing assets registered slight growth whereas non-performing exposures declined by 23.2%. Elsewhere, the stock of guarantees outstanding increased by 20% thanks to a more intense sales effort. Customer deposits declined by 5.4% in line with the strategy devised for lifting the entity's net interest margin.

On the capital markets front, Bankia is an active player in the Spanish fixed-income market for Treasury bonds and private securities. It facilitates access to corporate finance (which complements its customers' bank finance) in the capital markets via private and public bond issues which it places with Spanish and international institutional investors.

The entity is also a market maker in Spanish sovereign bonds, notes and bills and it provides its customers with access to issues of own securities and fixed-income issues originated by the bank.

In the syndicated loan segment, Bankia played a significant role in the Spanish market in 2017. It closed more than 70 transactions, lending support to customers from a very broad range of sectors. It also reinforced its team in the loan department by setting up a new non-residential real estate financing area in order to better address customer needs.

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