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The growth in the business with companies is one of the pillars of Bankia's strategy. The objective of the bank is to become the reference entity for both the group of self-employed and SMEs, as well as for companies with more than 6 million euros in turnover and large corporations.

During 2018 loans to companies amounting to 16,459 million euros are granted

Accompanying companies in their growth, financing their projects and offering useful tools in their day-to-day activities is the objective of the Bankia Companies area.


SMEs and self-employed professionals are strategic groups for Bankia, and therefore, during 2018 the number of specialized managers in these segments has increased, serving the client in their place of work, notably improving the service provided and the connection.

A novelty of 2018 has been the launch of the digital tool 'App Siifacil', which helps them in one of the most important tasks of their business.

The self-employed continue to benefit from the advantages of the 'Por ser Tú' program, which has already allowed 280,000 of them to free themselves from the commissions in all their accounts with the only requirement of having their social security or domiciled taxes.

The agricultural sector is also strategic for Bankia, which has extended its prescription agreements for processing European subsidies from the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), as well as the adaptation of the agro catalog and the streamlining of the financing granting processes.

In this way, during 2018, the different territorial divisions of Bankia carried out a total of 1,176 operations in advance of aid under the CAP, for an overall amount of 14,86 million euros.


This segment has as main clients the companies that annually invoice more than six million euros, excluding large corporations. Integrated by a network of 61 centers, distributed throughout the national territory, with special concentration in the regions of: Madrid, Catalonia and Valencian Community.

Its commercial attention and business acquisition functions are based on a network of specialized managers assigned to a limited number of clients and whose portfolios are structured according to the companies' turnover, always with the objective of providing a personalized service.

In the 2018 fiscal year, Bankia has kept the client company at the center of its activity, so it has developed tools to help it better manage its day-to-day activities and has organized sectoral conferences in which its commitment to this group has been demonstrated.

In 2018, the 'Conecta' tool was launched, integrated in 'Soluciona Empresas', which provides information on customers, distributors and suppliers, which helps to increase the possibilities of expanding the business.

'Soluciona Empresas' adds up to ten tools, which aim to make it easier for Spanish companies to make decisions and help them sell more, better manage their risks and obtain the necessary resources to grow.

On the other hand, Bankia has been in 2018 at the forefront in the management of SEPA payments for companies, being the first national entity to process massive files.


This business segment is made up of groups of national and foreign companies whose turnover exceeds 300 million euros and which, in general, need a more specialized service and products of greater sophistication than smaller companies.

The pillars on which Bankia bases its strategy for this group of clients are: a specialized commercial structure, an extensive catalog of products and services, the pre-classification of risks through Financial Programs, a global coverage of the business and an optimal operational service transactional

In 2018, Banca managed to increase the balance of credit investment among Corporate Banking customers, as well as its market share. In addition, there has been a boom in green or sustainable operations, either through bank credit or through the issuance of bonds with this seal.

In the area of ​​Capital Markets, Bankia is an active participant in the domestic fixed income market, both of the Spanish Treasury and of private issuers. It facilitates the access of companies to complementary financing to the bank in the capital markets through public or private bond issues placed between institutional, national and international investors.

The entity is also a market maker of letters, bonds and obligations of the Spanish State, as well as being a supplier of prices for clients in own emissions and in those fixed income issues originated by the bank.

In the area of ​​syndicated loans, Bankia has played an important role in the national market. More than 100 operations have been closed supporting customers in very diverse sectors.

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