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Private Banking

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The Private Banking arm offers highly specialised, tailored portfolio management advice to high net worth individuals in want of bespoke solutions.

Over 7,300 customers with portfolios of over €600,000 and a net worth of over €1 million are serviced by 55 portfolio managers. Of the total, nine are Private Banking directors and 46 are specialised asset managers.

The Private Banking area is staffed by a team of 69 professionals distributed across 12 offices which are grouped into four regional divisions.

Private Banking customers are offered solutions that are tailored for their needs and risk profiles thanks to an open mutual fund architecture and the new alternatives added to Bankia's product portfolio. All of which framed by personalised service and deep customer knowledge.

Since last year the Private Banking portal has been integrated into the Bankia Online platform and this solution is providing customers with a more integrated and user-friendly tool for tracking their portfolio performance. In addition, in 2017 the entity entered into an agreement for the marketing of the venture capital fund Arcano XI, in light of customer demand for this class of products.

However, the development with the biggest impact on the Private Banking division in 2017 was the review of all advisory processes ahead the European directive MiFID II, which implies significant changes in how financial products are marketed. Its effectiveness since early 2018 has created a major opportunity for rethinking the business model with a view to providing the best possible service.

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