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Real-estate assets

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Bankia's real estate asset divestment programme aims to obtain the best possible return, strengthen the balance sheet and favour the share price, in accordance with the requirements of the regulators.

All of the bank’s foreclosed assets are managed, administered and marketed through Haya Real Estate, which is responsible for technical maintenance and all commercial activities (customer service, dealing with agents, attendance at events, publication of offers, etc.).

Since its creation in May 2016, the mission of the Real Estate Management Division has been to reduce the balance committed in the strategic plans of problematic assets with minimum impact on the income statement, coordinating sales and preparing packages of assets that are likely to be placed outside the retail circuit.

To this end, the quality of available information has been improved, giving greater transparency to the stock, and collaborating with other areas of the bank to speed up the sale of new foreclosed real estate assets.

At 31 December 2019, this activity had contributed 808 million euros to the bank with the sale of 9,946 real estate assets, 7,399 of which were homes.

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