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Real-estate assets

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Bankia's Real Estate disinvestment program requires a wide knowledge of the sector and a personalized management.

The mission of the Real Estate Management Department is to reduce the balance of problematic assets, in accordance with the commitments acquired in the Strategic Plan, with the minimum impact on the income statement, coordinating and preparing portfolios of assets for investors.

The management, administration and marketing is done through Haya Real Estate, which is responsible for technical maintenance and all commercial activities (customer service, dealing with mediators, presence in events and publication of offers, among others).

The Real Estate Management Department has improved the quality of available information, providing greater transparency to the stock, and intensifying the relationship with other areas of the bank to expedite the sale of new foreclosed assets.

In addition, the Real Estate Management Department has integrated, within the foreseen term, assets from BMN, which were immediately placed on the sales circuit.

As of December 31, 2018, this activity had contributed 731.8 million euros to the bank, with the sale of 13,548 real estate assets (of which 8,393 are homes).

One of the main challenges for 2019 is to reinforce the actions, in line with the established divestment policy, that will facilitate the continuation of the balance sheet reorganization to anticipate, as far as possible, the lines established by the strategic plan, from the rigor and the professionalism that provides a good knowledge of the market.

Map of sales by Autonomus Community

Real Estate Assets 2018 Bankia

*Updated on 03/31/2019

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