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Retail Banking

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The Retail Banking area approaches individual customers with a universal banking model

The main goals in this area are: winning new customers; strengthening ties with existing customers; and continually raising their level of satisfaction and loyalty through the provision of high-quality service and advice.

Within the coverage of the private banking service, the entity has two types of physical offices: universal banking branches (traditional offices) and the 'Agile Offices', with longer opening hours and a focus on quick-to-perform transactions. In addition, the bank targets its 'Connect with your expert' and '+ Value' services at online customers and less bundled customers, respectively.

In 2018 more customers, more digital and without commissions

At year-end, Bankia had 3.2 million digital customers and 4,309,557 retail banking customers that were exempt from commissions.

Bankia offers, in its physical or digital offices, a complete range of products, which will cover the possibilities, the clients, those who have specific advice and dedicated to the managers that the bank. (More than 9,000 professionals have the corresponding certificate required by the new MiFID II directive).

Customer Bankia retail banking

During this last year, and within the strategic policy of giving all importance to the customer, the entity put into operation 'Bankia Fácil', a service whose purpose is to facilitate the day to day customer, both in their most common banking procedures and in giving him a counseled answer when he requires it. In the same way, Bankia launched the 'On-Payroll Account' of digital nature, without commissions or maintenance fees and with the advantage of having additional products such as the 'On Credit Card'. Another of the products put on the market was the 'Mortgage Without Commissions', whose only requirement for hiring is the domiciliation of income. At the close of 2018, 18,610 mortgages belonging to the program had been formalized without commissions worth 2,240 million euros.

Multi-channel approach

Bankia is aware that digitization is key to adapting the business model to the needs of customers, as well as a means to achieve maximum satisfaction. Hence, this multi-channel approach of the bank allows its customers to choose, at all times, how they want to interact with Bankia. In fact, at the end of 2018, 40.5% of customers were digital.

Among the different advances established and to complete the mobile payment offer available in 'Bankia Wallet', the bank has integrated its cards into the three digital systems of the most relevant technological business: Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and Google Pay. In this way, Bankia has become the first bank to offer its customers all the digital payment platforms in the market.

This growing digitization of the business has resulted in the development of a series of tools that provide their services through Bankia Online, Bankia Móvil, loan simulators and mortgages. In addition, within the multi-channel management there are also services such as' + Valor '(service used by 538,025 clients),' Connect with your expert '(with 755,215 clients', the ATM network, traditional offices and 'ofibuses', being present in 341 municipalities where more than 13,000 clients are served.

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