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Retail Banking

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Retail Banking carries out its activity under a universal banking model with the aim of attracting new customers and increasing the bond, loyalty and satisfaction of existing customers. The bank, through its new positioning ‘That simple’, shows its commitment to customers by offering the best services and making banking procedures easier.

More loyal and more digital customers

At the end of 2019, Bankia had 3.7 million digital customers
and 4.3 million private customers who did not pay for banking services.

At this level of customer service and personalisation, Bankia offers its customers the possibility of contacting the bank through various channels: bank offices, mobile offices, the Connect with your Expert service and the Bankia Online and Bankia App digital channels.

Profile customers Bankia retail banking Annual Report 2019

Bankia is committed to providing better financing to its customers and making their lives easier with initiatives such as the ‘Por ser tú’ programme, which exempts loyal customers from paying commission fees. To be part of this program, the customer must have a payroll account and meet one of three conditions:

  • Make two purchases per month with credit cards
  • Have 135 euros in risk insurance premiums
  • Have 30,000 euros in investment funds, individual pension plans or savings insurance.

Within this framework, the bank offers its customers the best services with conditions that are simple to understand and easy to fulfil. In addition, it is committed young customers, who also do not pay for the main services.

Multi-channel network

Bankia has a multi-channel business model in which both physical offices and digital channels become more important. Bearing in mind that each customer has specific needs, the bank provides a network of 2,275 branches throughout Spain and a network of ATMs with 5,361 terminals.

Moreover, the bank offers the Connect with your Expert service, which reached 750,000 customers at the end of 2019; Bankia Online, with more than 3.21 million users, and the Bankia app, which reached 2.8 million users as of December 2019. The bank has 3.7 million digital customers.

How individual customers relate to Bankia
Segment Customers Customers who use ATMs
No contact 522,390 0
Indirect contact 867,573 0
Only ATM 519,203 519,203
Only branch 1,382,852 1,079,878
Mixed (branch and digital) 2,359,293 2,038,389
Online digital 1,392,707 1,059,689

Since the end of 2018, the bank offers its customers the possibility of operating with the main digital payment platforms. At the end of 2019, more than 660,000 customers had their cards associated with Bankia Wallet, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay or Google Pay. Bizum also became a reference platform and reached 780,000 users, in addition to incorporating e-commerce with Bizum as a new payment method.

The entity continues to work on the evolution of digital channels, incorporating new products adapted to each customer profile, adding new features to the different applications and media and launching new services such as Bankia Online Expert Management, the digital investment portfolio management service.

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