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Patrocinio Bankia orquesta sinfónica

Bankia, with cultural and sports promotion

The bank supports various initiatives to help improve the environment

Bankia is involved in a series of projects aimed at improving its environment from a cultural, sporting and business point of view.

Cultural sponsorship

Patrocinio Orquesta Sinfónica Bankia

Bankia Symphony Orchestra

A professional group made up of young musicians who have completed their educational career without ever having found a place in a permanent orchestra. Since its creation, the BSO has had as its main objectives the discovery of musical talent, the continuous training of young musicians and their job placement. Its string quartet is the protagonist of the 'Música en el Jardín’ programme, a series of concerts of classical and contemporary music held within the contemporary culture programme of the Royal Botanical Gardens of Madrid.

Teatro Bankia Principe Pio Madrid

Gran Teatro Bankia Príncipe Pío

The Bankia brand is present in the artistic space located in the main building of the former Príncipe Pío railway station in Madrid, which gives it its name. Bankia has participated in the financing of the Gran Teatro Bankia Principe Pío, a project that includes the launch of a concert hall and shows, exhibitions and a television set that will accompany the grand theatre. The entity will also sponsor some of the cultural activities to be carried out. While this project was taking shape, and as the introduction to "The station", the first "Spiegeltent" (marquee of mirrors) in Madrid was used next to the building.

Bankia Escolta València

Bankia Escolta València

Bankia provides financial support for the promotion of musical activity and education in the Comunidad Valenciana through the signing of agreements with the Generalitat Valenciana, CulturArts and the Federation of Musical Societies of the Comunidad Valenciana (FSMCV). This promotion of Valencian musical culture includes a scholarship programme for students and the Bankia Orchestra Competition of the Comunidad Valenciana, in addition to the 'Música a la Llum' concerts.

Alquería Julià: Thanks to Bankia, this entire building, declared a National Artistic Monument in 1978 and a Cultural Interest Site, has been restored with the aim of returning the complex as a whole to its lost splendour and converting it into a “house of music”, for the enjoyment of all Valencians. The work has not exclusively consisted of the restoration of the building and the garden, which will become the headquarters of the Federation of Musical Societies of the Comunidad Valenciana (FSSMM), but an underground rehearsal room has also been added that will equip bands with an ideal place to play with maximum capacity for 200 people.

Feria del Libro de Madrid

Madrid Book Fair

Bankia is the official sponsor of the Madrid Book Fair, one of the main events in the book industry in Spain, held in the Retiro Park. During the days when the Fair is held, the Bankia Cultural Activity Pavilion hosts numerous presentations, round tables and various activities that feature books as the main attraction.

Sports sponsorship

Pilota Valenciana

Valencian Pilota

Bankia has supported the practice of this sport since 2014, thereby demonstrating its commitment to the native sport of the Valencian Community. The bank sponsors the Professional League, the Individual Championship, the Lliga Bankia d'Elit Femenina and the Campionat Individual Bankia d'Elit Femení.

Deporte base

Basic Sport

Bankia supports sports schools, quarries and training schools of different sports clubs. This support falls within the bank's line of action focused on supporting grassroots sport, training and promoting quarries. Bankia identifies itself with the values ​​that sport represents and, therefore, wants to be a participant in projects that instill effort, camaraderie, the desire to excel and training from an early age, as well as promote the values ​​of effort, solidarity and equality.

Teams and initiatives sponsored by Bankia

The bank is the official sponsor of the youth teams and training teams of:

  • Gran Canaria Basketball Club (Las Palmas de Gran Canaria).
  • Valencia Basket (Valencia).
  • Óbila Basketball Club (Ávila).
  • CB Estudiantes (Madrid).
  • Joventut de Badalona.
  • TAU Castellón.
  • UCAM Murcia.
  • CB B The Travel Brand Mallorca (Palma de Mallorca).
  • Bankia also sponsors the Club El Pozo futsal club in Murcia and the Bathco - Fusodeba rugby quarries in Santander and Rugby Pozuelo in Madrid.

The bank also carries out the 'Triple solidario' initiative with the first teams of Valencia Basket, CB Gran Canaria and CB Estudiantes. For every three-pointer that the first team scores during the season, Bankia donates money to the club, an amount that goes to the training teams.

Likewise, the entity sponsors the Sierra Nevada adapted ski school and the Estudiantes women's team, Women in Black.


Business sponsorship

Companies are a strategic group for Bankia

Companies are a strategic group for Bankia, which is why the bank is committed to sponsoring forums and conferences that support their development and growth. Among them are Forinvest in Valencia; Manager Business Forum, ADN Pymes, Spain Startup South Summit, as well as Fenavin agricultural fairs and events in Ciudad Real; Fruit Attraction in Madrid and ExpOliva in Jaén.

Bankia also sponsors several business awards to recognise outstanding companies in different regions. Some are organised in collaboration with media outlets, such as the 'In4Bankia Awards from the Información de Alicante newspaper; the 'Digital Competitiveness Awards' from the Castilla y León Económica magazine, or the InnoBankia awards from Editorial Prensa Iberica, and the 'Tu Economia Awards' from La Razón; the 'Andalusian Awards of the Future’ from the Joly Publishing Group or the 'Young Talent Awards' from the Levante newspaper, among others.

Bankia is also promoting the Bankia Forward conference, an innovative initiative that seeks to help companies to anticipate the changes that will occur in business models and in the needs of consumers to make them more competitive in the future. This project is carried out through a series of informative conferences in several cities, publication of reports and an online space that can be accessed by all companies.

Bankia Forward

Dog Friendly

Bankia Dog Friendly

In 2018, Bankia became the first dog friendly bank in Spain to allow its customers to visit its branches with their dog. The entity wants to collaborate in raising awareness about responsible pet ownership and in the fight against abandonment, which is why it sponsors the Perrotón and Can we run races. The bank also supports Pipper on tour, the first tourist dog that has toured Spain discovering dog friendly places, and the Travel Guau Guide, with suggestions for travelling with a pet.

Bankia baloncesto Gran Canaria banco alimentos

Bankia and the Gran Canaria Basketball Club raise over 15,000 euros for the Las Palmas Food Bank

The entity, the club and the fans have joined forces in a virtual way to help the most disadvantaged people, especially in this time of health crisis.

Bankia sponsors Agrovid’s Welcome Pack, the fair for growing vines in Valladolid

The first edition of the fair, which will be held at the Valladolid Fair, is held by the Fair Institution of Castilla y León and will have more than a hundred exhibiting companies.

The youth teams of Movistar Estudiantes, sponsored by Bankia, pays tribute to Kobe Bryant in its official introduction

Bankia supports Movistar Estudiantes, the largest inclusive youth academy in Europe, through the 'Triples por la cantera' project.

Bankia Fundación Ávila ciclos música
Bankia Fundación Ávila ciclos música

Bankia and the Fundación Ávila present a new edition of the 'Musicales' series

These concerts are a sign of Bankia's commitment to music, culture and Ávila, pointed out Óscar Pérez Blázquez, Bankia’s Area Director of Ávila Centre North.

Valencian pilota
Valencian pilota

Bankia sponsors the professional Valencian pilota leagues

The presentation was attended by the the corporate director of Bankia in Valencia and Castellón, Jaime Casas.

Gran Canaria Basketball Club
Gran Canaria Basketball Club

Bankia supports the reserve team of the Gran Canaria Basketball Club one more year

The signed agreement includes financial support for the young players of the Canarian entity and the development of various social projects.

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