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Digital Transformation

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Transformación digital Bankia

The 2018-2020 Strategic Plan contemplates investing 1,000 million euros in technology

Digital transformation is one of the great challenges of the banking industry. The changes in customers’ routines force banks to look for new ways of relating to them, providing them with products, processes and channels; and adapting their distribution model.

With this new reality in mind, Bankia has made digital transformation one of the cornerstones of its 2018-2020 Strategic Plan, which includes an investment of 1,000 million euros in technology.

The bank has also renewed its structure and created a Digital Transformation and Strategy Division, headed by Carlos Torres, whose main purpose is to advance the bank’s digital evolution.

This division has five main areas of action:


The exponential increase in the use of channels by customers leads to the need to evolve towards more scalable and efficient technologies. The bank is already working on this line: it has deployed the new cloud service platform, achieving greater agility and flexibility in the demand for resources originated by the new digital channels. This cloud service serves as the basis for establishing the new architecture of APIs and microservices that the entity will use to comply with its obligations to transfer information to third parties, as required by the new European directive on digital payment services (PSD2).

Big Data and Advanced Analytics

Since 2016, Bankia has had a single, up-to-date Corporate Big Data analytics platform, which currently serves all of the Data Scientist environments of the bank, enabling process managers to discover new insights and apply them quickly to offer benefits to the customer base.

During 2018, this platform extended its computing capabilities to train Artificial Intelligence models, and has integrated cloud computing capabilities for the processing of machine learning analytical models (Deep Learning), using the markets’ latest Open Source and commercial libraries and tools.

The ability to drive analytical models in real time has also evolved, exposing their functionality through a service (API), through which human tasks integrated into the core processes of the entity have been replaced.

This Corporate Big Data Analytics Platform has Artificial Intelligence models, the application of which has made it possible to offer a differentiated commercial supply and reduced administrative activities by up to 30%.


  • million transactions processed monthly with the use of Big Data in 2018.

Artificial Intelligence

Bankia has been one of the Spanish banks that pioneered the application of Artificial Intelligence capabilities. During 2019, the bank opened three programs with AI techniques and which we hope will provide relevant value for our customers:

  • Relation quality improvement
  • Internal efficiency
  • Productivity.

The bank has already applied AI techniques in the processing of the documentation provided by customers in the entity's asset processes (loans), achieving a reduction in average response times of more than 50%, as well as a close to zero errors caused by the addition of wrong data into the process.

This has resulted in efficiency gains in the asset processing procedures and increased customer satisfaction by completing applications in less time and without errors.

To continue implementing the use of AI techniques, Bankia has created two specialised divisions within the Deputy General Division of Digital Strategy and Transformation: the Artificial Intelligence in Processes Division, headed by Juan Carlos Henríquez, and the Centre of Excellence in Artificial Intelligence, directed by Ángel Morales.


reduction in response times to customers thanks to the application of Artificial Intelligence capabilities.


The emergence of new technologies and changes consumer habits make digital channels one of the keys to the relationship between customers and the bank. This transformation occurs at the speed that customers want, so banks must be constantly listening and have great flexibility, speed and responsiveness. The result is a very significant investment in technology, with the aim of ensuring that both the service and the advice always meet and even exceed customer expectations.

To this end, Bankia places special focus on the following areas:

  • Redesign of the App to make it a benchmark in day-to-day digital banking, while maintaining the range of products and services. Moreover, both the App and Bankia Online offer an advanced predictive search engine by concept and an income and expense comparator, implemented through the integration of transactional systems with Big Data. With this, the bank completes a timeline of account or card movements more similar to the customer's perspective of their income and expenses.
  • Improvement of Bankia Online Companies in order to make it the best tool for daily use by professional clients, simplifying the most common processes and making communication with the company manager available on the channel itself.
  • Offering self-employed customers an experience that suits their needs, combining the personal and professional worlds by launching Bankia Online Freelancers, with an improved view of the products and the possibility of contracting the most important products for this segment.

The bank’s commitment continues by offering the widest range of products, so that contracting and operations can be carried out easily in the channels. Bankia is currently working on:

  • Bankia Online Expert Management, an advisory product based on template portfolios whose lifecycle can be managed by customers online.
  • Financing products such as the ON loan and the ON mortgage, in which the customer can complete the entire procedure from the declaration of the goods until the final signature of the documentation, all from their PC or mobile device and with the constant help of a specialised advisor.


  • of customers will be digital by 2020.

Regarding payments, Bankia has been the first financial institution in Spain to offer its customers integration with all the digital payment systems by Apple, Google, Samsung, Bizum and Paypal. To complement this offer, the Waiap brand has been launched, offering a competitive and innovative product that significantly improves online payment functionality for Commercial customers.

Bankia is also working on new interaction models with the introduction of virtual assistants in the channels to provide customers with the best and fastest interaction with the bank.


integration with all digital payment systems.


The bank’s digital transformation process is supported by this Division:

  • Redesigning the processes in channels and offices to make them easier to use for our customers.
  • Simplifying document management and customer signature processes.
  • Supporting the implementation of regulation with the aim of providing greater security to our customers in their relationship with the bank.
  • Giving the organisation the necessary flexibility to respond quickly to changes in the competitive environment.

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