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Bankia innovación

Bankia will invest up to 20 million euros over a five-year period in fintech projects promoted by financial startups.

At Bankia, innovation is a lever across the entire organisation through which it supports the generation of new business models and the development of new products and services, aiming for profitability, sustainable development and the bank’s social and environmental contribution.

Since 2016, Bankia has promoted the Bankia Fintech by Innsomnia project, which aims to encourage the collaboration model between startups and the bank, developing proofs of concept and minimum viable products that can be incorporated into the bank's production and management.

Bankia Fintech has two branches: the headquarters, located in the Marina Real in Valencia, and a second one, which opened in 2019 in Madrid.

Consolidated as the largest innovation centre in Spain, Bankia Fintech by Innsomnia has been involved in five national and international calls for proposals, with a total of 493 proposals submitted and 65 national and international projects selected for development.

Of the startups that entered the last Bankia Fintech by Innsomnia call for proposals, 80% were able to develop a proof of concept with the bank.

In terms of investment Bankia has created 'Bankia Fintech Venture', a fund through which the bank will invest up to 20 million euros over a five-year period in fintech projects promoted by financial startups.

In 2019, Bankia became the first bank in Spain to open an official WhatsApp account, a channel that allows customers to contact the entity in a simple and easy way. Initially, it answers questions and queries about mortgages, although the objective is to expand the service and incorporate other products.

The bank is also present in the virtual voice assistants of Google (Google Assistant) and Amazon (Alexa) with a service available to customers and non-customers that allows you to locate nearby offices and ATMs or at a certain address or locality.

Commitment to protecting the environment

In collaboration with Aenor and Everis Ingeniería, Bankia developed a project in 2019 to create a national market for the generation and exchange of carbon credits. This platform allows individuals and companies that want to offset their carbon footprint to access carbon credits generated in national projects.

Bankia is contributing its Stockmind asset platform to this project, which allows the incorporation of blockchain technology, creating an immutable record that avoids double counting of GHG emission reductions, providing transparency to the process of exchanging and offsetting verified credits.

This project has allowed Bankia to join the World Bank's advisory group.

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