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The Brand

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A brand is so much more than just a logo and colour palette, it is also the way in which an entity interacts with its stakeholders and the pledge it makes to them

in order to honour such a pledge and be seen to fulfil it in the target audience’s eyes, Bankia strives to align its brand with the bank ’s guiding principles, working to ensure it is open and transparent in all its communications.

Bankia is committed to achieving the goals set, nurture its stakeholders’ trust, garner their interest and engagement with the bank, and boost customer satisfaction year on year to generate value for the business.

The bank endeavours to make the brand’s commitment tangible, developing tools, services, solutions and products that are relevant and fulfil the needs of its customers, and act as a channel through which its values can be shared.

It is a common goal of the entire organisation to improve how the Bankia brand is perceived, and achieving this aim reinforces the efforts of all the bank’s areas in this mission. The brand is a valuable asset and becomes more attractive to professionals, investors and customers the stronger it is and the greater reach it has.

Bankia is a brand and not a just a noun and that is why the “B” at the start of the word is always capitalised, representing the bank’s strength and solvency.


It is an open brand – hence it ending in “-ia” and is also international in nature, since its root is the word “bank” in English. The letters “n” and “k” are merged into one, which is a symbol of integration and reflects the forward-looking nature of the project.

The six letters in the word are in lime (technological, committed, ecological, bright) on a mahogany background (experienced, deep-rooted, solvent, warm), which combined, create a robust and powerful logo that represents the brand.

Although Bankia is “dressed” in lime and mahogany, there are also other colours that make up its identity as secondary colours used to refresh and lighten the brand: two shades of brown and a sky blue, as well as white.

One of the key features of Bankia’s identity is its typeface, which was especially designed for the bank, without borders, open and reliable, bringing it a personality and coherence over time.


Bankia is working hard to build a business based on strong principles, founded on the conviction that transferring values such as effort, team work, innovation and solidarity must create value for the society in which we operate

En Bankia trabajamos para construir un proyecto empresarial basado en firmes principios, desde la convicción de que la transmisión de valores como esfuerzo, trabajo en equipo, innovación y solidaridad han de traducirse en la creación de valor para la sociedad con la que interactuamos.

Supporting a variety of social projects in sport, culture and business helps us to pass on these principles and engage the whole of society.

As a brand, Bankia sponsors and is involved in educational, sporting, entrepreneurial, social and cultural events. Key sponsorships are of: the Madrid Book Fair for which Bankia is an “official sponsor” and “exclusive sponsor” among financial sector companies; the Ages of Man exhibition promoting culture and the conservation of historic heritage; and major trade fairs such as Salón Mi Empresa, Forinvest and Spain Startup South Summit.

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