Newsletter #13 - Capital Reduction and Reverse Split
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Capital Reduction and Reverse Split

Dear Shareholder,

We hereby inform you that Bankia has executed the following agreements approved by the General Shareholders’ Meeting of 24 March 2017: 
  • 01/06/2017: Capital reduction effected by reducing the par value of all outstanding shares of the Company from 0.80 euros to 0.55 euros, in order to increase voluntary reserves and to adapt the Company’s equity structure.

  • 05/06/2017: Reverse Split (1x4). To reduce the number of outstanding shares of the Company by combining every four pre-existing shares into one new share, thereby increasing the par value from 0.25 euros per share to 1.00 euro per share. Shareholders holding a number of shares not  multiple of four will receive cash for the retained fraction at the closing price as of 02/06/2017.

The above mentioned executed agreements do not affect the total amount of your investment and do not have any impact on Bankia’s equity.

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Bankia will perform the 4:1 reverse split on 5 June
16 May 2017
Bankia will carry out its reverse share split, in a ratio of four to one, on 5 June. This operation, known as a “reverse split”, is intended to improve the liquidity of the share while reducing volatility, since there is less relative fluctuation in the share price.
Material disclosures
01 June 2017
The capital reduction and reverse split were today duly recorded in the Mercantile Registry of Valencia.
16 May 2017
The Board of Directors agrees to execute the reverse share split agreed by the General Meeting of Shareholders.
24 March 2017
Company announces resolutions adopted by shareholders at the Ordinary General Meeting.
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